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Ulcers and Fat

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Hello All,


I finished my first Whole30 a few days ago, and am in the re-introduction phase. I've had problems with Ulcers in the past, but haven't had any issues as I try to avoid the things that can cause flare ups. However, I figured that I could start drinking coffee, after all I've been eating clean.


After about 7 days of taking coffee, but ulcer flared up. Out of all the foods true to the spirit of Whole9, the one thing that seems to cause pain is fat... Avocado, almond butter, etc.


I'm now able to eat again, but I haven't added fat back in. I will tomorrow and hopefully everything goes well.


Has anyone else had trouble with ulcers and fat intake? If so, how did you re-incorporate fat. 


How does digestive stomach acid work? Meaning... how can I reduce the amount of acid I produce, and still have good digestion? Are probiatics or digestive enzymes a good option, and if I have those supplements will my body see that I'm digesting my food better and produce less acid?

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