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Back to Basics: Whole2012? :)


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Confession - had a couple handfuls of raisins last night around 10pm. A couple of days each month, hormones are not my friend...

August 9, 2012

7:00am Pre-Workout/Exercise: HB egg, coffee with coconut milk.

7:30-8:30 am: Nice slow walk outside. Lovely.

8:45am Meal 1: Two fried eggs, spinach, black coffee.

12:30pm Meal 2: Chocolate chili, kale, coffee.

4pm Snack: almonds

6:30pm Meal 3: More chocolate chili over a bed of spinach and field greens. I had a big portion. Plus I ate a small cucumber and a Larabar.

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Note to self: Never have more than one Larabar in the house. Last night I ate two. :(

August 10

6:30am Pre-Workout: HB egg, coffee.

7:00am: 30 minutes strength training and 30 minute walk on treadmill.

8:30am: 2 AF beef hot dogs, a few grape tomatoes, a few grapes.

I was back to 110 lbs on squats this morning (was 115 in June before time away from gym for 10 day and 7 day trips this summer set me back). Bench press today was 75 lbs (set of 8, and a PB). Since my vacations are over and I am eating super clean, I am excited to see if I can work my way up to squatting my body weight. I'm 5'7" and weighed 140 pre-Whole30 #2 and would prefer to be 130-135. Have no idea what I weigh today on Day 11 of my Whole30 since I have not stepped on the scale. Discussed it with my trainer this morning and we are going to focus on strength gains for the next several weeks.

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Squatting my body weight is one of my goals, too! I like that you take nice slow walks, I'm gonna have to do that in the morning sometimes. Sounds really nice!!

Slow walks are very nice Laura B. Nice mental break from the family too. And sometimes (like yesterday) it's a necessity for my middle-aged body to get a little rest. No way my legs could have run yesterday. And after my squats and deadlifts today, I think tomorrow is out too. Planning to run again early Sunday morning. :)

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Nice lifting lady :)

Thanks Derval. It really does feel good in the gym lately. I was just beginning with my trainer when I did my first Whole30 so I had no comparison to notice a difference. This time I just feel like my sets are easier to complete. I have been surprised several times the last few sessions after I finish a set when I learn what the weight was. It sounds crazy, but I never add the plates and bar in my head to know exactly what it weighs until after I do the first set. Clearly I know about how much it is, but not the exact number. My trainer adds the weights while I rest and sip my coffee and I just don't pay attention. I think it helps me mentally to just lift the weight and do it. I never look at the bar and think I won't finish out a set this way. I started quite weak in February and we have gone up on weights VERY slowly all year. My trainer is VERY cautious but he is keeping me injury-free so no complaints here. :)

August 10, part 2

1:30pm Meal 2: Chicken and artichoke salad over field greens, a small handful of slivered almonds.

4:30 Snack: Apple, 1/2 cup grapes.

7:00pm Meal 3: Flank steak, sugar snap peas, tomato and field green salad with dijon vinaigrette, a few apple slices.

8:00pm: one ounce almonds

Finally got "Eat Like a Dinosaur" from Amazon today. Saw a few things I would like to try for the kids, but several recipes will have to wait until post Whole30 because they contain honey or are "paleofied" versions of non-compliant stuff. Great for the kiddos, but not for me right now. I will try the waffle recipe this weekend since it's compliant except for baking powder which I will just omit. I won't eat any Paleo waffles for my breakfast or anything, but I will taste a bite to see what they are like. I am hoping the kids approve so I can make a bunch every few weeks and have them for weekday breakfasts before school. Two of my kids go back to school on MONDAY!

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August 11

7:00am Pre-workout: HB egg.

7:15am: 45 minute walk.

8:30am Meal 1: Leftover chicken and artichoke salad. coffee with coconut milk, a few slices of apple.

Peeled and chopped a 3 lb bag of apples, tossed with a bunch of cinnamon and put it in the dehydrator this morning. I made a tiny batch yesterday and the kids were thrilled. Woo hoo another super easy, healthy and yummy school and lunch snack for my kiddos! We took a few to their taekwondo class this morning and the other kids loved them too. I love making this kind of treat instead of cupcakes or cookies for them. A win-win for everyone.

2pm Meal 2: HB eggs, Prosciutto, Olives, Oil and Vinegar dressing,1/2 banana, handful almonds.

5:00 pm Meal 3. Big portion of Chicken Waldorf Salad, 1/2 apple, plus a very large handful of almonds. :(

Not sure why I wanted to eat so much this afternoon. Feel tense and anxious now. Not sure if it caused me to eat so much or if its because I ate so much that I feel like this. Either way it's no good. Time for some Natural Calm I think. Hope it helps relax me.

I've also been lazy about planning my food and cooking so my meals have been a bit dull. Guess it's time to do some Sunday cooking tomorrow.

8:00pm: Sugar snap peas.

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August 12

PreWorkout: 20 almonds, coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 2.5 miles. Walked half, then turned and ran back home. My old body needed a rest this morning so I didn't push it. "Heavy" lifting day planned tomorrow with the trainer. I think.

Meal 1: two eggs baked with a little coconut milk, canned pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice. Sort of the texture of bread pudding. Needed a change from my usual HB eggs.

Meal 2: Chicken, cucumber, lettuce, field greens, grape tomatoes, baby carrots. Plus a few cooked shrimp. Dressing was simply a few tablespoons of TJ's olive tapenade mixed with a little apple cider vinegar and water. Quite yummy to get the little bits of olive all over the salad.

Snack: Beef Jerky

Meal 3: Salmon, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, ghee, field green salad with lemon vinaigrette, 1/2C applesauce.

Snack: 2/3C applesauce topped with blueberries and chopped walnuts.

Snack: 1/2C raisins. :o

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I admit I cheated and got on the scale this morning. Curiosity won. Shame on me.

August 13

Woo Hoo. Two kids back to school this morning. Youngest starts next week. :)

6:15am PreWorkout: HB egg, Coffee with coconut milk.

7:00am: 30 minute strength training. 2 mile walk on treadmill.

8:30am Meal 1: 2 eggs, 1/2 can pumpkin, coffee with coconut milk.

10:00am: 30 minute walk outside, just 1.5 miles. Enjoyed some quiet time since hubby took Kid #3 to the office for a few hours. :)

1:00pm Meal 2: Field greens topped with sardines, a HB egg, and some olive tapenade mixed with a little apple cider vinegar. Cucumber sliced and tossed with raspberry wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar and salt.

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A small thumbs up. I started at 5'7" 140 lbs. Was 138.5 this morning. I would like to be about 130-132. Would be awesome to get there quickly, but slow and steady works too. I am guessing I might make it to 136 by the end of this Whole30.

I am still snacking more than I should. Had so many plans for this Whole30, but it seems I am just getting back in the groove of meal prep and eating compliant food 100% of the time. So many more ways I can improve so I will just keep working on it. Decided to extend my Whole30 to a Whole45. I began July 31 and my niece's wedding and rehearsal dinner are September 15th and 16th. I love my family dearly, but I am sure I will need a drink or two when I spend all that time with them for the weekend. :) After the wedding I will probably start a new Whole30 on September 17th. I really want this to be habit for me, and that's the best way to create one for me. Do it day after day with no break. I am also planning a 10K on September 22nd and want to make some gains in the gym. With kids back in school, having a good routine is a bit easier.

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I'm still here and going strong. Two munchkins back in school plus short trip out of town made for a busy week so far. Stayed compliant with Whole30 foods, but ate more fruit and nuts than I would have liked when I traveled. Back home now and have some chicken in the oven right now.

Have a great day everyone!

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Lesson learned this week - when I don't log my food here, I don't feel as accountable and I eat far too many nuts and too much fruit. :( Might try a nut-free or fruit-free week soon.

I may have mentioned this before but I decided this is now a Whole45 (July 31-September 14) and I will begin a new Whole30 (or Whole60?) on September 17th. I know myself and this is the only way to make my healthy eating become such a habit that I can truly be on autopilot in regards to meal planning, cooking, and the foods I choose to eat. The longer I do it, the less my mind will go to the old standby foods in the times that I am busy, stressed, anxious, sad, happy, bored, etc. Still need to work on following the meal template consistently and limiting snacks. But I feel great and I have no plans to reintroduce grains or dairy any time soon. I know I will be non-compliant for a family wedding mid-September simply because I have no control over the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception menus and I just don't want to make a fuss about it. But other than an occasional adult beverage, I don't really miss anything that I have given up.

August 17

Preworkout: A few bites chicken, coffee with coconut milk.

Workout: 30 minutes strength training (bench press, assisted pullups, ball slams, overhead press (no legs because tmo is my 5K), 2.5 mile walk on treadmill.

Meal 1: Steamed spinach topped with two eggs fried in ghee. Yum. Plus black coffee.

Meal 2: Salad, sardines, baby carrots. Black coffee.

Snack: Apple, almonds, raisins

Meal 3: Chicken, green beans, salad, tomatoes, apple, blueberries.

Snack: 2 Larabars, almonds.

Wow I ate a ton of food today. Crazy.

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OMG. Ran a 5K this morning. Weather was awesome, About 70F and a bit cloudy. Started in the front and ran pretty fast in the beginning. Just before the mile mark I started running alongside someone and talking. We finished the first mile in 7:57 which is incredibly fast for me. Slowed down a bit for the rest but still completed my fastest 5K ever... 27:22:57!!!!! Not too shabby for a 45 year old mother of three that doesn't really like to run. :) After this morning I am very motivated to continue running 2x/week and build up to do a 10K in September.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

PreWorkout: Coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 3.5 mile walk. Outside :)

Meal 1: 2 HB eggs, handful of grapes, a small but very yummy plum.

Meal 2: Leftover chicken, TJ's Healthy 8 Veggie Mix with dressing, more grapes, about 15 hazelnuts, a few baby carrots.

Snack: AF sausage, a sliced tomato sprinkled with onion powder, salt and pepper [animal seem to be getting most of them, but this tomato was from my garden :) ]

Meal 3: Salmon, french cut green beans tossed with ghee, garlic and salt, zucchini.

Snack: Nectarine. Several spoons almond butter. Crazy. Ate it then threw away rest of jar. Was planning to cut it out tomorrow and then had to have it tonight. So self destructive. Sigh. So much more work to do to undo years of dealing with stress and anxiety with food.

Monday through Friday I will NOT have any nuts, nut butters (except the little in my Sunshine Sauce inspired salad dressing), or dried fruit. I have been eating a ton of almmonds and raisins because they are so easy and I am lazy. This week I plan to have cucumbers, celery, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, zucchini chips instead!

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August 20, 2012

PreWorkout: HB egg, coffee with coconut milk

Exercise: 30 minute strength training, 30 minute walk on treadmill.

Meal 1: Fried eggs, green beans, a few grapes.

Meal 2: Salmon, HB egg, okra, baby carrots. (didn't plan this combo, just what I grabbed at the time)

Snack: AF hot dog, a few radishes, a plum.

Meal 3: Ground beef, TJ's marinara, zucchini noodles, kale, caesar salad, applesauce. And I could still eat MORE! :(

Update: I did eat more. 3 small plums.

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August 21

Pre-Exercise: Coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 5 mile walk outside.

Meal 1: 2 HB eggs, sliced tomato, black coffee,

Meal 2: Salad topped with 2 HB eggs, crispy prosciutto, TJ's olive tapenade mixed with ACV and used as a dressing, steamed spinach, a small apple.

Snack: 2 AF hot dogs, plum, a few grapes.

Meal 3: Fajita salad - seasoned ground beef, tri-color peppers, lettuce, guacamole and salsa. Almonds, applesauce.

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August 22

Had an awesome workout this morning. My trainer and I decided to focus on heavy lifting Monday and Friday and do a conditioning day on Wednesday. He pushed me hard this morning and I did it all and felt good. He was impressed with my effort and I am excited to do it again next Wednesday. I honestly think if I had tried this workout a few months ago I would been slower completing the work or I would have wanted to puke. But I had tons of energy and loved it! I have to think the healthy eating has helped.

PreWorkout: HB egg, coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 30 minute strength and conditioning workout.

Meal 1: 3 HB eggs, sweet potato and apricot puree (baby food pouch).

Exercise: 3 mile walk outside.

Meal 2: Salad with ground beef, salsa, and avocado, a few baby carrots.

Meal 3: 2 AF beef hot dogs, an apple, a few grape tomatoes, field greens topped with olive tapenade and ACV.

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Wow. Just ran 4.2 miles (according to Google Maps) in 35 minutes. I tried to lengthen my stride a bit and keep pace on the small inclines to help strengthen my legs. It was a fast pace for me (about 8.5 minute mile) and I felt good the whole time and could have run farther. I have never really enjoyed running in the past, but as good as this feels, it is certainly getting to be a lot more fun. I registered for a September 10K when I got back from this morning's run.

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

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