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Back to Basics: Whole2012? :)


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So almost a sub 25 5k? Well done!

Thanks Derval. Not quite that fast, closer to a 26 minute 5K pace but I am super excited to know I can run faster than I thought I could. Now that I know I can run a faster speed and feel good, I can't wait to see how fast I can get in the next 6 months. I have never been a runner. I did 3 10Ks and a couple of 5Ks in my 20s and my best effort was about a 10 minute mile. After Saturday's 5K my trainer and I have a new plan to do heavy leg weights Monday and Friday and a conditioning day on Wednesdays. As my endurance and conditioning improve I am excited that I can get more out of my 30 minute training sessions since I won't get fatigued as easily. Never in a million years did I ever imagine I might be able to get down to 8 minute miles but I honestly think it's a very realistic possibility. To eventually do a 10K with an easy flat course in under 50 minutes (even if it takes a year to get there) would be incredible! So 2x/week running and building up to squat maybe as much as 150lbs and deadlift maybe 125 are my long-term goals. It can't do anything but help my running speed if I can get that strong. :)

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Great goal setting :)

My husband started running after I took it up 3 years ago and now he's SO into it and much faster than i could dream of - sub 19 5k!!!

My pb is 25:59 but I haven't run now since April , just more into the strength stuff. But have to get back out there as I'm running a 5k with our 9 year old in 5 weeks, he's aiming for 28-29 mins.

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I am sure you will keep pace with your kiddo for that 5K. Run a couple times a week and you'll be ready.

August 23

Pre-Workout: HB egg, coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 4 mile run, 1 mile walk.

Meal 1: Sauteed spinach topped with TJ's marinara and some grass-fed ground beef, more coffee.

Meal 2: Salad topped with HB egg, sardines, sunshine dressing, small apple, some baby carrots.

Snack: Apple, decaf coffee with coconut cream.

Meal 3: Big salad (field greens, broccoli slaw, radishes and a handful of Healthy 8 veggie mix from TJ's), chicken, sunshine dressing, two small nectarines. The nectarines were soooo good. Love getting my fruit at TJ's. The majority of the time it's simply awesome. :)

Snack, about an hour after dinner: One AF beef hot dog.

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Friday, August 24th (Day 25 of Whole30 #2)

Last night I tried on some shorts that were too tight over the summer and they fit comfortably. In the mirror I see a very minor improvement in my abs and a very minor narrowing of my upper outer thigh. I have not been reducing calories in any attempt to lose weight. I have been eating a lot, but it's all good food. On Day 25, i am pleased to say some subtle positive changes are taking place. I would love to lose a few lbs and get leaner but I can honestly say if I can keep doing what I have been doing the last 25 days, feel good, not starve, and have energy, while achieving personal bests in running or lifting, I don't care if I only drop 2 lbs a month. I'll still get where I want by the end of the year and build great habits along the way. Loving this Whole30 (45)! :)

Pre-Workout: HB egg, coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 30 minutes strength training with my wonderful trainer Jonathan. Squats - 115, sets of 8. Deadlifts - PB of 135, set of 5. Pull-ups. Push-ups.

Meal 1: HB egg, AF beef hot dog, butternut squash/pear baby food puree (pouch), more coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 3 mile walk outside.

Meal 2: Healthy 8 Veggie Mix and chicken, sunshine dressing. Small apple.

Snack: HB egg, apple. Decaf coffee with coconut milk.

Meal 3: 3 AF hot dogs, Salad, 2 small nectarines. So hungry this evening.

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House full of pizza and birthday cake. Followed by white cheddar popcorn and cheetos. Sleepovers. Ugh. I didn't have any of the junk. But I did have a one ounce bag of almonds and a Larabar plus a few hazelnuts and some dried blueberries. The blueberries were awesome..

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August 25

Pre-workout: a few bites of chicken, coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 5 mile walk outside.

Meal 1: 4 eggs topped with some TJ's marinara, black coffee.

Stopped at gym with family members. Just for kicks, I challenged a teenager to bench press. I won. We both benched 85, but I was able to do 90 lbs for one rep and he couldn't. It was fun. :)

Meal 2: Broccoli slaw salad with sunshine dressing and a few ounces of chicken, a large apple, a few baby carrots.

Snack: small handful hazelnuts.

Meal 3: Big salad with sunshine dressing. AF hot dog, a few bites of chicken, a large handful of raisins, a couple tablespoons of sunflower seeds.

Gave in to desire for something sweet. But happy to be compliant.

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Your teenager or just a random kid ? :D

Well done you!

It was my nephew. :) He had originally challenged my hubby to pull-ups which is why we stopped at the gym.

We had fun today. My trainer usually goes very slowly adding weights, but he is convinced to push me more now. I think he is enjoying my new workouts. I did 135 lbs deadlifts on Friday. One set of 5. My form needs a bit of work since it was a big jump up in weight but I was still happy. We had been doing 85-95 lbs with sets of 8 before. Not sure what made Jonathan test me with the higher weight but I am glad he did. :)

My trainer has gotten hooked on Olympic lifting and does a crazy intense conditioning day each week so I think he has plenty more in store for me in the months to come. He works out Mon-Fri afternoons with another excellent trainer that used to be at my gym. As Kenny pushes Jonathan and they try different things, Jonathan incorporates them into his client's workouts. I could not be more pleased with my trainer. Just an all around good kid (I think he is 26). And with my new excitement about training and running, I really do want to eat the absolute cleanest Paleo diet possible to make the most gains with the least effort. It's nice to have all the areas strong and working well at the same time. Unfortunately as my hubby reminds me, at some point I will go back to work and have less time to do all of this. I hope and pray when the time comes (plan to work part-time next fall when littlest one goes to Kindergarten), that I will be very fit and efficient with my training so I can maintain my new healthy body. :)

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Sunday, August 26

PreExercise: AF beef hot dog, water.

Exercise: 1 mile walk, 2.5 mile run.

Meal 1: 3 eggs topped with 1/4 C marinara. Coffee with coconut milk.

Meal 2: Field Green Salad with ground beef and salsa, a couple ounces of chicken, small handful hazelnuts, grape tomatotes. Black Coffee.

Snack: AF beef hot dog.

Meal 3: Salmon, salad, snap peas, applesauce, a few bites of chicken.

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OMG - Major binge late last night. Wasn't stressed or anxious or upset. Just want to EAT. Had LOTS of dried fruit, some nuts, and prosciutto. Nothing non-Whole30 but a whole lot of stuff. Ugh! Still wondering why I felt the need since I can't think of anything going on in my life that might have precipitated it. Been a long time since I ate that much. Moving forward today with no guilt. Life happens.

Monday, August 27

Preworkout: HB egg, coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 30 minutes strength training, 30 minutes walk outside.

Squats 125 lbs, 3 sets of 8, a Personal Best. Overhead press 55 lbs, 3 sets of 5, assisted pull-ups, bench press several sets at increasing weights, final set 75lbs.

Meal 1: 2 HB eggs, a few bites cantaloupe, black coffee.

Snack: HB egg, sardines. Breakfast was NOT enough this morning.

Meal 2: Chicken and guacamole lettuce wraps. Such a simple and quick lunch. Yum. I picked up some of the hot guacamole in the produce department at Whole Foods today. It's nice and spicy at my store!

Snack: Nectarine.

Meal 3: Salad with chicken, guacamole, sliced cucumber, nectarine, small handful hazelnuts.

Snack: Dried Fruit. :( But far less than last night!

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So tomorrow is Day 30. I have remained compliant "technically" but still relied on too much dried fruit, nuts and fresh fruit. I wouldn't say sugar cravings are strong, but my snacks are such a habit. I do think I snacked less for this Whole30 than for my first one in February.

A few good things about this Whole30:

  1. I don't miss non-compliant food. It's really not a big deal to do without all the processed foods, grains and dairy. I do love just a bit of goat cheese on a salad and will eventually add that back, but I am not ready to do it any time soon.
  2. Meal planning and prep was not obsessive this time. I didn't plan too far ahead, made a few dishes here and there, but for the most part was able to put together a "meal" with stuff I had on hand without that much effort. It seems more natural to me to eat this way now. I always know I can find something so being free from worry about it is great.
  3. My family is eating better because I am eating better. Not Paleo, but better because they are eating more whole foods and less processed foods.
  4. I have made fitness gains. My strength has increased, and my stamina. I am running faster than earlier in the year, and I also feel like I recover faster.

Tuesday, August 28

Meal 1: 3 eggs, coffee with coconut milk.

Exercise: 4 mile walk.

Mid-Morning: Coffee with 1/2C coconut milk (more than I usually add)

Meal 2: Leftover salmon and veggies. Not a lot of leftovers so I also had a little celery with guacamole, and a small salad with an ounce or two of chicken and some dressing.

Snack: handful of almonds and two small apple

Meal 3: Fajita Salad - chicken, tri-color peppers, salsa and guacamole, applesauce.

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Wednesday, August 29

PreWorkout: 2 soft-boiled eggs

Exercise: 30 minutes conditioning workout. Box jumps, pushing sled, ball slams, agility footwork challenges, and finally when I was at the end of the workout and still trying to catch my breath, I had the pleasure of doing a 60 second plank with a 45 lb plate on my back. Thankfully my trainer dropped it to 35 lbs for my second plank. :unsure:

Meal 1: 2 more soft-boiled eggs, sweet potato puree, coffee.

Exercise: 30 minute walk outside.

Mid-Morning: 15 almonds

Meal 2: A handful of shredded chicken, cucumber slices, and field greens topped with avocado and salsa. Yum!

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Does anyone else check this forum when they sit down to eat? I usually eat breakfast and lunch by myself at home and spend a little time catching up on the Whole9 forum. I find it motivating and educational. :)

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Bridget and Melissa (Aberrantatavia): Glad it's not just me. My main computer is in a very convenient spot in my house, plus I have a netbook that I like to take to the table when I eat alone so I can catch up on what is going on in the world. It seems I get on the internet for a few minutes here and there all day between that and my phone. Plus I am an Amazonaholic and I am checking price and availability on various items just about every day. :)

Melissa, glad you enjoy reading my log. I try to keep up with some other logs, and have read yours before, but it's tough with so many people in the forum. I love the supportive environment here so much. I only know one local person that eats this way. Of course there are a ton of Atlanta folks in this forum that I really ought to meet in person some day...

I am done with food for the night. Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday so I got a nice little cake at Whole Foods with berries on top. I still don't plan to partake of any even though today is day 30 of my Whole30. I still plan to stay on plan until September 15th which would be 45 days. I have been cheating and peeking at the scale though and the number I saw today is better than Day 1. We'll see the official number in the morning. I will post whatever I happen to see tomorrow when I get up. :)

P.S. Have to share this. My family is not eating Paleo but we are eating better. Tonight they had bunless grass fed beef burgers and hot dogs along with carrots and bananas. I asked the kids what they wanted for lunch tomorrow to take to school and this is what my children told me they wanted:

  • 4 yr old son: Caesar salad with croutons, "shrimp cocktail" with organic ketchup as a dip, TJ's strawberry yogurt in a tube.
  • 6 yr old daughter: Banana for morning snack and for lunch - Caesar salad with croutons, "shrimp cocktail" with organic ketchup as a dip, applesauce squeeze pouch.
  • 8 yr old son: Banana for morning snack and for lunch - Chicken Caesar salad with croutons, applesauce squeeze pouch.

And on Friday instead of taking cupcakes to school to the class as a birthday treat, we bought frozen strawberry fruit bars at Whole Foods. :) Of course we will have pizza and cake at her birthday party, but hey - it's her 7th birthday and it's what she wants. Plus there aren't any Paleo options at Monkey Joe's. :)

We are far from being a Cave Family, but oh my goodness we are doing so much better than we were in January!

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Healthy kids are super adorable! Enjoy your day 30 today, even though you are still going it is still a milestone! I haven't really reintroduced anything (just rice on vacation and some added sugars here and there) and it's been almost 50 days. I really don't miss dairy or any other grains. It's nice to keep going. I feel like my body is this shiny new toy or akin to a new pair of sneakers when I was little. I don't wanna get it dirty!

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Same here, much healthier home than before. As dd said "this isn't really the treat press (=kitchen cupboard) anymore, because there's no treats in it"

Today was their first day back at school and they had their first gluten free lunchbox - cheese, ham, grapes, carrot sticks with mayo for dip, water to drink. Hurrah - weirdly they didn't come out of school transformed into good natured little angels, what's up with that? :ph34r::lol:

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Derval - How are you trying to work with your gang in a non-Paleo household? I still struggle a bit but have pretty much decided it is enough to reduce the emphasis on grains and dairy and increase the availability of Paleo foods in our home. I feel like the shift will come over time. My kids have maybe a cup of milk per day, a little cheese with their lunch if they don't have meat, etc. Bread is only for sandwiches, and they are no longer an every day thing. I am trying to replace any cereal, waffle, etc with gluten free options. They had gluten free cinnamon french toast sticks this morning and loved them. I make them eat eggs twice a week for breakfast. Might change it to three in the new year. So far they adapt to the subtle changes and don't seem to notice that the goldfish crackers and granola bars are no longer in our home and they don't eat frozen pizza for dinner once a week. Today since they all took salads for lunch, I gave them each a tiny Ande's chocolate mint as a surprise. By supporting their good choices and praising them for them, it seems that they are encouraged to do it more just to get the positive reinforcement. I am hoping to try some different lunch options soon and if I have to give them a piece of chocolate to get them to take chili the first time, so be it. I still want it to be their choice and chocolate will help them choose the option I think is better. Then later on i'll stop giving them the chocolate and they won't even notice... ;)

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Today is Day 31 of my Whole45. Plenty of good things going on I will post about later and I have no plans to reintroduce any non-compliant stuff yet. Since everyone always wants to know results, here are the primary physical ones.

  • I am 5'7" and started at 140 lbs. Today I am 136 lbs.
  • I am running faster than ever before.
  • I have tons of energy for more challenging workouts with my trainer.
  • I achieved personal bests at the gym this month: 125 lbs squats, 90 lb bench press (only one rep, but I still did it), 55 lb overheads, and 135 lb deadlifts. :)
  • My scale reflects a small body fat loss, but I can actually see a subtle difference in my abs which is cool.
  • My clothes fit better.
  • I ate a lot of food every day, and never starved myself. Many days I think I ate more than my husband.

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