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I work night shift, which really hasn't caused many issues on the whole 5 days in to my whole 30 so far, but I am curious about adding in pre and post workout meals.


I get off work around 7 and go straight to crossfit (I eat my pre workout on my way or right before leaving work)


I eat my post workout.. which has ended up being breakfast so far, right after I get home.  This is where the trouble comes in... I know that these meals are not meant to replace our 3 main meals, but I have to go to sleep as soon as possible when I get home in order to fit in 6 hours of sleep before work again.  so I am basically eating and then going to bed about 30 minutes later, which I know is not good either.  So, my question is do I skip the workout meals and just eat breakfast pre-workout?  Or am I just way overthinking this whole thing?  It's only 3 nights a week that I work so it probably isn't making or breaking anything. 


Thanks for any suggestions that you guys have!!

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If you want to get the most benefit from post-workout protein, you need to be eating before you get home. You could eat some chicken breast immediately after your workout or in the car driving home and a fuller meal when you get home. Going to sleep on a fresh meal is not ideal, but probably a reasonable choice in your situation. 


I am not sure taking the time to go to CrossFit is a good idea when that leaves you with just 6 hours for sleep. Getting an extra hour or two of sleep is probably more valuable to your health than getting to the gym. I wonder if you could develop a quick routine to do on your own that would give you a good workout in less time and without travel. 

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What time are you getting in if you get off at 7?  Are you working more than a 40 hour week?


I had to quit Crossfit because it didn't fit within my long work hours, the time it took to commute there, the hour long class, commute home, etc, and it reslted in me only getting 5 hours of sleep.  I loved crossfit, even though I was a total noob at it.  My job is one that, by its nature, is known to have long days and as much as I tried to fit in crossfit, it just didn't work.  I leave my house at 6:45am and don't get home until 6:30-7.  It sucks because i still need to spend time with my kiddos, work out, pack my lunch, shower (so I don't ahve to do in morning to get out early), and have a chance to just wind down.  I go to bed at 10:30 to get up at 6am.  


So, I invested in a Concept 2 rower for home and started doing that at home.  There are some boxes that give home modified workouts for you to follow, and I've started doing a kettlebell workout at home, along with rowing.  Even though its not my preference to work out at home, its the only way I can fit in fitness and still get enough hours of sleep.  My workouts at home are no longer than 30 minutes, but they are high intensity, and with no commute time from work to crossfit, to home, I shave off a ton of time.

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