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Average Amanda's Whole30


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About 2 years ago I shifted my diet and began adding protein bars, shakes, etc into my diet. I was dating a new guy, and I was commuting 2 hours each way into Manhattan working a high stress job at an Investment Bank. The quick shakes and bars made my life easier, they would hold me over when I wouldn't eat dinner until 9pm or when I would have to go long stretches without food.

I am an athlete. I ran Varsity Track and played Varsity Soccer in High School, and in college I continued by running D3 track at my school. After college I continued to workout everyday during my lunch break.

I thought I had it all figured out, I was active so I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted. Looking back at the old me makes me laugh. I thought 'normal' was having random digestive 'attacks' and having to leave a restuarant unexpectedly. I thought normal was running 5 miles a day without being able to lose a pound, in fact I thought normal was having weight slowly creeping up on the scale every year because well, that's what happens. I thought normal was being average weight, with average skin, and above average athletic ability.

One day I noticed a rash on my shins. It was red and bumpy, but wasn't hives. It wouldn't go away. I would scratch and scratch until it bled because that was the only relief! I attributed it to stress; work was crazy, my commute was unbearable. Creams didn't work, powders didn't work. The rash got worse and worse and no one could figure out why. I hadn't changed detergents, I hadn't changed moisturizer, and the gym I go to didn't change the soap in the showers. I assumed all along the rash was caused by an external factor. Little did I know it was what was going on the inside of my body. The next 12 months took me on a crash course in nutrition. I eliminated dairy, and added soy milk instead. I tried this, eliminated that. The rashes got worse. After talking to my chiropractor I started the switch to organic foods, and began learning about the effects of gluten. I cut out gluten and soy and what do you know? The rash went away. Completely. Never to be seen again. A light bulb went off. I thought my problems were solved and I had it all figured out until slowly but surely the digestive issues would pop up randomly, without warning. I can't even begin to list the number of times I have made my poor boyfriend leave a fun night with friends to sit on the couch at home while I sat in the bathroom in pain. (even after an innocent salad!)

I accepted that this was my life, and every so often I would have to leave a party, stay home and miss out on fun because of my stomach. That's when my trainer gave me "It Starts With Food". I began to eat Paleo and felt much better, but every once in a while I would still get a bout of sickness or exhaustion, I was 90% better, but I wanted to be 100%. I thought the Whole30 was too extreme and wasn't for me. I thought I didn't need to do a Whole30. I was fine. I didn't have any crazy symptoms or illnesses that the testimonials talked about, I wasn't 50 pounds overweight, and I ate my vegetables. I just had a little digestive issue that was under control 90% of the time. I was 146 pounds, 5' 5" with an athletic build, and excelling at CrossFit. I was above average now in health, fitness, and life. I really couldn't get much better? Could I?

Then one day it hit me. I had always wanted to be in 130's, I was so close to doing a pull-up, I want to dead-lift 250 lbs. I don't want to ever leave a party early because I have an embarrassing burst of gas heading through my intestines. (TMI?) With the support of my cousin, his wife, and some people at my gym, we embarked on our Whole30 starting this February.

It wasn't a hard transition since I was already eating Paleo, but boy oh boy did I have a headache on day 4. How could this be? I already ate healthy?! As the days went on I felt better, the nightly chocolate cravings melted away, I was sleeping well and as my boyfriend would say I was 'popping' out of bed in the morning. I was so close to one pull up. I knew I would get there eventually but now I can do 5. FIVE. 30 days ago it was 1/2 a pullup. Maybe this would have happened without the whole30, but I don't think so. I feel stronger, I have so much energy. We went to about 4 parties in the 30 days and I didn't have to leave early once. (in fact I stayed out later than I wanted drinking seltzer + lime!). My clothes are too big, I have no idea what size I am, but my size 4 and 6 pants are now loose! I lost 7 pounds putting me at 138 and my nails and hair are growing like crazy. I look back at 'Average Amanda' and never want to be her again! Why would I want to feel average when I can feel THIS GOOD. For anyone out there with a pretty healthy lifestyle and feeling pretty good, you need to try a whole30. Those tiny little ailments that you chalk up to being normal are not normal! If you feel good now, you will feeling AMAZING in 30 days. We get one life, shouldn't it be better than 'average'???


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