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How my Whole30 results encouraged others!


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I finished my first Whole30 on February 19th. My close friends and family knew I was doing the Whole30 but I didn't talk about it much on social media. I kept a personal blog simply to log my meals, and I never intended on sharing it with anyone. If I'm being honest, I didn't want to deal with a lot of questions and skepticism. About 2 weeks into my 30 days, I had read on the post-Whole30 part of the website that sharing your personal story could inspire others and that you never know who you will reach by simply sharing your own experience. I thought to myself, "I guess so. But I don't want to get into debates with people who think this lifestyle is a fad diet, or unhealthy for my heart, yada yada." However, once I had completed it, my feelings had changed. I was on such a high at the end of my 30 days that I felt I had to say something, and I just didn't care if people didn't agree with my choices. Because I know it works for me and someone can't tell me that it doesn't. Because I completed my own self experiment and only I can testify to the results I'm feeling. So, I shared a blog post on my Facebook page with a short reflection on my Whole30 experience. This is an excerpt from my blog post...


"I've never felt this good in my life. And I don't mean because of the way my body looks. (Although I am liking how my body composition has changed.) No, I'm talking about the way my body feels! And how my brain has been completely rewired when it comes to my food choices. I'm not craving junk food, or bread, or cheese (which anyone who knows me, knows I love), or anything that I know doesn't make me healthier. I never, ever thought I could view food that way. In the past, I would limit myself to eating those unhealthy foods but it was hard. A constant mental game. It was a strong temptation I was always trying to resist and giving into half the time. But now. Now! I'm not even tempted at all. That's something that has happened naturally over these 30 days without me even trying. And that's blowing my mind. 
My energy is up. My GI issues (that doctors have been trying to figure out for 13 years) are gone. My head is clear. My brain is retrained to view food in a healthy way. I've lost 3 inches off my waist. And my husband and I have saved (yes, saved) money by eating this way. I'd call this month a win." 


Since I posted this a week and a half ago, I've had FIVE people start the Whole30 already because my blog post either sparked an interest and they looked into the program or they had already heard of the program, had been thinking about starting it, and my post was the last little push they needed to take the plunge. Four of these five people are keeping blogs as they go, and I'm loving reading about their journeys. I've had four additional people contact me for more information about my experience after seeing my post. And three of my friends are now reading It Starts with Food. Not only that, I've had a lot of intellectual conversations about food with multiple people, and just getting that conversation on the table is a huge start, in my opinion. I had no idea this would actually happen. I'm so glad I could even be a small inspiration to a few people.


I completed my reintroduction a little over a week after I finished the 30. I reintroduced gluten, then dairy, then non-gluten grains. I found that ALL grains hurt my tummy (I began the Whole30 primarily to figure out what has caused severe stomach pains for the last 13 years of my life) so I know to avoid grains as much as possible. I've had a few non-compliant meals since I've finished the reintroduction but I'm pretty much still eating like I'm on the program. It's definitely a lifestyle now! 


So the point of this long, rambling post is to encourage everyone to share their story in some way. I didn't want to but I'm so glad I did! You really do never know the impact you'll have on someone!

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