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Success! July Whole30


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So I completed my whole30 for July. Today will be an off day, then right back to Whole30 for August.


Since I'd already been eating mostly Primal, I didn't have to cut out too much in way of grains/legumes and bad oils. However, since going Primal in 09, some unhealthy foods had crept into my diet, like gluten-free cookies/muffins once in a while, too much dark chocolate, too much cheese, and bottled condiments with sugar in the ingredients. Eating those foods was not helping me lose weight, and since I am both obese and allergic to casein, it was time to eliminate cheese and sugar. I listened to a Jimmy Moore podcast with Melissa and Dallas, and I decided to do Whole30 to rid my diet of things that seemed to be a roadblock to achieving good health and weight loss.


I had a lot of fun buying new spices and trying new recipes. I've always enjoyed cooking, but over the last couple of years, I grew bored with it. Doing Whole30 re-ignited my interest.

Giving up cheese was not as hard as I thought it would be. Giving up dark chocolate wasn't easy, but it's done now. Perhaps someday I will return to eating a bit of dark chocolate here and there, but not now.

I found that when I ate more than 2 servings of fruit per day, I started craving sugar. So I tried to keep my fruit intake within Whole30 guidelines and it worked well. The funny thing is that I had virtually eliminated fruit, except berries, while eating Primal. During Whole30, I actually ate more fruit - which I had been afraid to do previously.

I learned that stone fruits do not agree with me, and neither does more than a tablespoon of almond butter. The second and third week of Whole30, I had severe digestion issues from the stone fruits, and nausea from the almond butter. Even though it wasn't a nice experience, I am glad that I discovered what does not work for me.

Today I will eat some white potatoes at lunch, then go right back on Whole30 at dinnertime. I am doing Whole30 for August - with one exception. I will add a bit of heavy cream to my daily coffee. I really dislike black coffee. Drinking coffee with cream while catching up online in the morning is an enjoyable habit, and I have decided not to give that up right now. We'll see how that goes, digestion-wise.

During July, I did very little exercise for various reasons. In August, I will return to daily walking and recumbent bike.

Thank you to Melissa and Dallas, and to the members of this forum.

Weight Lost: 7 pounds

Inches Lost: 5

Energy level: Increased.


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