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Whole Foods Suggestions


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Hi All, I am now officially post Whole 30 (Day 31 hooray!) but plan to stay as compliant as possible. I am heading home to visit my parents next week and they live right near a Whole Foods (there isn't one where I live). I am planning to stock up on things that I can't find where I am, but I was wondering if people might help add to my list! I *could* take a cooler, but I'd probably prefer not too, and I can source good meat and veggies where I am.


So here's what I have on the list so far

365 Organic dijon mustard

Coconut aminos


Bubbies pickles

Coconut flour

Rao's Marinara

365 Organic coconut milk


What Whole Food gems am I missing?

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Whole Foods is the only place I've found coconut flakes in my area - if you're into that, might be something to add! I hate coconut in most forms, but I tried the recipe in Well Fed and love the salt and cinnamon on them.

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Applegate Farms or Aidells' chicken & apple sausages is one of my favorites.

Brazil nuts - I eat 2 - 4 a day, great source of selenium

Macadamia nuts (make sure you get unroasted)

Kombucha! Mmmmm...

Baba Ghanoush (not all Whole Foods carry them, but if you can find it, what a great dip replacement for hummus)

Wild Sardines in water

Wild caught canned salmon to make salmon cakes

Olives from the olive bar or the canned section

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I get the fresh ground almond butter from the machines in the bulk section. A million times better than any other jarred version.

Raw cashews for "hummus."  Coconut flakes from the bulk area. 


Classico Tomato and Basil sauce is compliant, so I don't bother paying a premium for that at WF. 

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