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Runninglawyer's Post Whole 30 Log

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Okay, so I've decided to keep a post whole 30 log because I'd still like accountability. I plan to eat whole 30 + dairy and sugar. All grains make me feel like rubbish and I'm allergic to most of them but I really like dairy and want to have it in my life. So, that's a concession ill make and I also won't scour the shelves for food with no added sugar--in meats mostly. No soy, grains, corn, or legumes for me.

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Okay, so today's plan is as follows:

Pre-workout: protein bar (whey protein isolate, nuts, and sweetener) and a hard boiled egg

M1/post-workout: frittata and grape tomatoes w/ chai tea (made with almond milk--carageenan and sweetener free)

M2: greek salad with feta, kalamata olives, iceberg lettuce, olive oil and balsamic; zoodles with turkey marinara

Snack: trail mix of dried fruit and cashews (while out), ice Cream

M3: chicken tikka masala on cauliflower rice, grapefruit, strawberries, ice cream bar (oopsy on this, a bit excessive admittedly)

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Today's deets: 


Workout: ~4 mile run, stairs, and 15 minutes elliptical, walking  for a total of ~60 minutes


M1: frittata, sauteed broccoli slaw, 6 strawberries and chai tea with compliant almond milk


Mini Meal: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of turkey bacon 


M2: broccoli slaw with chicken sausage marinara 


Snack: 1/2 of a girl scout cookie and I pitched the rest when I realized I didn't want that garbage in my body. Mega win, yes! fruit (pineapple, strawberries, peaches) and carrots & red bell peppers 

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I'm still doing well...just got insanely busy this weekend.

Today's deets:

Pre workout: 2 hard boiled eggs

Total body circuit (20 minutes)
Prenatal yoga (12 min flow)

M1: 1/2 of a usual piece of frittata with 3 turkey sausage links and a cup of lemon tea with 1.5 tsp real sugar

75 minutes cardio --30 min stair mill, 45 minutes elliptical

M2: cauliflower soup, 3 turkey sausages, 1/2 frittata, 1/2 sweet potato with butter 


Snack: 1 string cheese and 1 organic greek yogurt

M3: teriyaki chicken with cauliflower rice, ice cream bar  grilled chicken salad w/ cherry tomatoes, romaine, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, frozen yogurt bar

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And anyone who was following my whole 30 knows I was concerned about overeating and gaining too much weight ....I gained less than 2 pounds in 4 weeks which is fabulous. I am thinking that because my results were so spectacular I might do another whole 30 after my next appointment.

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Okay so...this isn't working. I'm not eating in a way that makes me feel good. Quite the opposite actually. I just bought organic yogurt so I'm going to incorporate all whole 30 rules except no dairy or added sugar (my sausage has some but I'm not doing treats or anything). Today is day 1.

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Deets for the day: 


AM workout: stair master, elliptical, run 


M1: frittata (2 eggs, 1/2 chicken sausage, spinach, broccoli slaw), 2 pieces turkey bacon, 1 turkey sausage link, 1/2 cup grape tomatoes 


Snack: 1/2 cookie (didn't want to feel like poop so I tossed the rest) and 1/2 granola bar  (hungry pregnant woman = no bueno so I had what was available)


M2: frittata, 3 turkey sausage links, 1/2 small sweet potato 


PM workout: quick arm workout


M3: thai coconut shrimp curry over cauliflower rice, 1 string cheese, 1 greek yogurt 

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Yesterday (March 13): 


AM Workout (6:30am): stair mill and elliptical (my shin has been killing me so I can't run) 


Had an ultrasound and couldn't eat till it was over (it was scheduled for 2pm). 


M1 (3pm): chicken veggie soup (whole 30 compliant), 1 grapefruit, greek yogurt, and latte "ice cream" bar


PM Workout (4:30-6):  walked for ~30-45 minutes total while shopping, quick arm circuit (<10 minutes) 


M2 (7pm): spaghetti squash marinara w/ chicken sausage, 1/2 small sweet potato with a bit of butter, roasted squash seeds, greek yogurt 

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Today's deets: 


Early AM (2am or so): small serving of moose tracks ice cream 


AM Workout ( ~1 hour 45 minutes total) : Stair mill and elliptical, lower body circuit (butt bible workout) 


Post workout snack (9 am): 1 chicken hot dog 


Meal 1 (12:15pm): Frittata (3 eggs, 3/4 chicken sausage, 1.5 cup veggies), 2 turkey sausage, 2 bacon, and sautéed kale 


Meal 2 (3:30/4pm):   small piece of frittata (1 eggs, 1/4 chicken sausage, 1/2 cup veggies), 2 turkey sausage, cherry tomatoes, greek yogurt, fresh pineapple 


Meal 3 (7pm): small chicken breast and 1/2 sausage sauteed with cherry tomatoes and spaghetti squash, small bowl of ice cream and 1/2 an ice cream sandwich (couldn't decide which one I wanted so I had a bit of both) 

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Today's Deets: 


Snacky this morning--didn't sleep well at all. No excuse for the poor eating I admit. It could have been worse though and since I had "treats" during the first part of my day I'm not having any in the evening. 


Snacks (2am when I couldn't sleep): tiny bowl of cereal (maybe ~1/3 cup with a dash of milk since it's off limits), 1/2 of an ice cream sandwich, 2 miniature chick o stick candies, 1/2 of a trail mix granola bar --not HORRIBLE by any stretch but I could've chosen actual food. 


AM Workout (9:15am): Quick arm circuit (12 minutes weights) 


M1 (9:30am): 2 eggs, 4 sausage links, and spinach. 1/2 small sweet potato. 4-5 strawberries. 


Pre-Workout (11:15am): 2 rice cakes with small amount of peanut butter

*(I can't have rice or pb so I threw away the rice cakes after this)*

*(I also do better when I have carbs before cardio instead of protein)*


M2 (3:15pm): LARGE chicken salad


M3 (7pm): chicken breast sautéed with spaghetti squash and cherry tomatoes. sprinkled with nutritional yeast 


Snacks (totally unnecessary):   greek yogurt w/ strawberries, grapefruit, string cheese, and small amount of ice cream (maybe 1/4 cup) 

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Yesterday's eats: 


M1: small bowl of cereal, protein bar, and 1 reese's pb cup  (yeah, not a shining moment for me) 


M2: 2 eggs, 3 sausage, 1 string cheese 


Workout: stairs and elliptical


post-workout: 2 hot dogs, and 2-3 raw carrots 


M3: chicken soup (homemade) --> essentially fat free aside from the fat in chicken breast. bad move. 


M4: fish with zucchini, roasted veggies (cauliflower and carrots), greek yogurt, grapefruit, small bowl of ice cream 


**I'm thinking the snacking/eating crap food (although it's not excessive in quantity and that's worth something) might be due to my fat intake decreasing and overall satiety being lesser than when I was doing a whole 30**


**I try to keep crummy food out of my diet during the day time because I'll just eat them to excess if I have them at any time aside from early morning or at night** 

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Today's eats: 


Pre-workout: protein bar, small bowl of cereal 


Post Workout: 2 eggs, 3 sausage links, carrots 


M1: sauteed zucchini, chicken burger 


M2: salad w/ chicken and balsamic glaze, greek yogurt 


M3: chicken stir fry over cauliflower rice, small bowl of ice cream, grapefruit 

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Well, tomorrow is the day I told myself I'd do another whole 30 but I don't think I will. I think what I'll do instead is have bright lines that I won't cross. No grains, soy, legumes, or corn. I will have dairy and sugar. Those are things that I tolerate well, I'm not allergic to, and I enjoy. 


I've been eating fairly well all things considered but it FEELS like I've been overeating--I'm starting to think it's my growing belly and not a true reflection of what I eat. I do notice that when I eat crummy food I feel crummy and I don't like that very much. No more small bowls of my husband's cereal, candy that's not SPECIAL, or crap food just because it's there. NO MORE! Today is starting off quite well...


Day 1 of RMOB (Riding My Own Bike w/Rules) 


Pre-Workout: Protein Bar


Workout: nice long cardio session


M1/post workout: piece of fritatta (2.5 eggs, 1/2 cup spinach, 1/2 cup peppers, 1/2 chicken sausage), 4 turkey sausage, 1 cup cherry tomatoes with balsamic glaze


M2: chicken burger, carrot puree, and spinach w/ nutritional yeast 


M3: baked chicken and roasted brussel sprouts 

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I'm still alive. I had a monstrous paper to write so I spent a week doing that. Then last week I had to study for a test that I had this past Saturday. My eating has been rather poor--not disastrous but definitely not great. I've had pizza on 2 occasions, bread that same week, and just not good stuff (candy here and there, cereal every once in a while and not nearly enough healthy fats). I've been doing better since Thursday or so and I think I'm good now. I have an appt on Friday and expect to have gained more weight than I should have. I guess time will tell. I do know that when I did my whole 30 my weight gain was on track (or perhaps slightly less than expected) so if necessary then I'll go back to that. I don't want to exceed the weight guidelines during pregnancy because it's not good for me or the baby so come Friday if I've gained more than 4 pounds then I'll definitely be doing another whole 30, no getting around it. 


Today's deets:


Pre workout: protein bar 


Workout (6am): 45 minutes stairs, arm circuit (chest press, lat pull down, seated row, overhead press, bicep curls, and overhead tricep extensions), elliptical


M1 (9:30am): small piece of frittata (1.25 eggs, 1/3 chicken sausage, 1 cup veg) and 2 turkey sausage links 


M2 (1:30pm): chicken crab vegetable curry (coconut milk, chicken breast, crab, and vegetables) 


M3 (6pm): chicken teriyaki with quinoa, fresh mango

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