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Hey all!

So I am a first-timer on day 6 of my Whole30.  I am LOVING so much about it already, and so excited to see the health benefits of this new way of eating and relating to food.   But here is the issue...pretty much since day 1, I have had this dry, persistent cough!  It's not painful, but it is ANNOYING!  At first I thought it might be an allergy to a particular food I've been consuming more of, like eggs or nuts.  So for a couple days I cut those out, and no improvement!  Other than those items, I haven't really introduced anything new to my diet with the Whole30 -- only cut stuff out.  

Has anyone else experienced this?  I also thought it could be a symptom of detox...but after searching the forum I don't see many people who have dealt with it.  

Just a background -- I was diagnosed with asthma a couple years ago, which manifested in a very similar, dry, wheezy type of cough.  I used an inhaler for a few months and then it gradually remedied itself as I treated my allergies and improved my diet.  But this honestly hasn't been an issue for a while -- I can't remember the last time I used my inhaler, but I have had to since this started!

Any suggestions??


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Are there any environmental changes going on?  It's sometimes easy to attribute all symptoms to food when we're so focused on it.  When I did my W30 last spring, my allergies/asthma got SO MUCH WORSE!  I thought maybe it was eggs or nuts or something I was eating more of.  It took my sister asking if maybe it was the fact that we had just gotten a new puppy who was living inside the house.  Duh!  I'm allergic to dogs, but I was so focused on food and W30 that I thought everything had to do with food.  When the puppy grew a bit and moved out to the kennel, it cleared up.  In the meantime, I used my inhalers and neb to get through it.  There could also be outside things going on depending on where you live.  My asthma gets bad when the cottonwood trees flower.  It gets bad when the snow melts (snow mold is a real thing).  You could just be getting a cold.  Cold dry air could be causing it.  Anyway, it could be food, but remember that it could be something else.  Good luck!

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