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Just finished Whole 30 - on to Whole 60


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Today is day 31 

and I feel as though I am just getting started - this feels more like a way of life for me - not a  temporary fix - I feel great - lots of improvements - I have decided to up the ante - I am giving up my 2-3 cups of green tea per day  - I know coffee does not agree with me at all - would not touch soda with a 10' pole - but have been drinking green tea  for a few years - going to see how I feel without it -

I don't want to add any other foods - amazing - cravings totally gone - consider red wine at times but it is more of a thought than a craving - I will add it sometime - I love the idea that I can have any of those other things "some day" but today I feel so much better without them  

anyone else doing a whole 60 or 90 ?

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