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Digestive Spasms

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Hi all!

This is my first round of Whole 30. I am a fit 29 year old that has been progressively changing my diet for the better. I have been gluten and dairy free for a few months and recently I went on a fruits and veggies diet to try to calm my digestive issues. At first we just did 2 weeks of the fruits and veggies and tried to reintroduce chicken and then a week later egg whites, but I finally had to admit that they were causing my symptoms to flare up and weight to gain back. Symptoms started off small a few years ago with just constant heartburn and have progressed over 5 years to include GERD, Gastritis, Spasms, food sensitivies, and when things really flare up, I get heart palpitations.

I was just hoping to hear from someone that may have had the extremes of the spasms and heart palps to give a little hope and encouragement that this may actually work and heal my gut. It was like a flip of a switch. I used to have a stomach of steel and enjoy grilled chicken sandwiches dipped in hot sauce and right now I am not doing any meat because of the bloating and indigestion it causes. Im at a loss and losing hope. :(

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Hi there!

Sorry you are having these problems- I can definitely relate to how uncomfortable they can be. Ive suffered from the exact same symptoms as you for years. I had been to every type of doctor and had slews of tests run. I, too, thought I was suffering from heart problems. I went to a gastro specialist when it got really bad a few years ago. He performed an endoscopy and prescribed Aciphex to treat my symptoms. This was long before I knew the benefits of eating according to Whole 9 principles, so I gladly took the meds and it relieved my discomfort. Crazy to think that reflux can mimic symptoms of a heart attack!

Then back in March the symptoms returned. At this point I was following a Paleo diet, so it was weird to me that my reflux returned. But this time it was much worse. It lasted all day and it felt like someone was stabbing a hot poker right below my sternum. On top of that I had horrible spasms this time around, which again made it feel like I was suffocating most of the time. I went back to my GI doc because I wanted to have another endoscopy to make sure I hadnt done any more damage. My condition hadnt worsened, but I still had gastritis, so he again put me on Aciphex. However, I now knew that these issues are more likely the result of TOO LITTLE stomach acid rather than too much. I refused to take the meds and instead went on the intro phase of the GAPS diet to cure my symptoms.

All that said, YES, eating this way can help heal your gut. I follow the Autoimmune protocol as well as a low FODMAP diet and drink copious amounts of homemade bone broth. Im a firm believer that the broth helped to cure my reflux. The gut can take a long time to heal, so dont get discouraged if it doesnt happen overnight-just stay the course. I still have the occasional flare, but its nothing like it was. I wish you the best of luck with this, but Im confident that if you take the necessary steps you will improve!

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I have had numerous horrible digestion issues over the last 12 years, much of what you described, including palpitations. I've been to many doctors and had numerous tests. All results were inconclusive. So at the encouragment of a smart friend, I tested with Entero Lab and learned I was gluten and casein intolerant. (Entero Lab.com tests for food allergies.)

Chicken and eggs can be allergenic, depending on what the chickens eat. I know someone who is celiac who cannot eat supermarket chicken or eggs due to cross contamination of wheat in their feed. BTW egg whites alone are an indigestible protein for many folks. A whole egg is a much better thing to eat.

I encourage you to keep trying different proteins, and seek out a local farmer for your food. You may just be allergic to chicken.

I highly encourage you to find a way to do Whole30 or Paleo. Meat allergies are rare, and I know that when I switched over from vegan back to eating meat, it took my body some time to adjust. Your digestive system is a very complicated part of your body, and it takes time for it to get back on track.

I highly recommend digestive enzymes and probiotics. Not every brand of enzyme and probiotic works for every person. Sometimes you have to take a few different brands and settle on one that works for you. Now Super Enzymes might be great for you.

If not, there is a company called Klaire Labs that sells pharmarceutical grade enzymes and probiotics. Amazon carries them. Very expensive stuff.

I also encourage you to eat fermented foods like Kombucha, non-dairy kefir, raw sauerkraut, etc.

I understand how horrible digestion issues can be. I wish you the best!

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