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Second time is a charm...?


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I actually started my second W30 last Friday, February 28 and am hoping to extend it to a W60.


I can't remember all of my meals from the first five days but they were compliant and I can breakdown yesterday:


Wednesday, May 5 (Day 6)


Meal 1:

2 x Egg muffins with peppers/onions/broccoli

Chicken cranberry sausage (locally sourced - compliant) www.missinglinksausage.com

glass of lemon water kefir


Meal 2:

Cream of broccoli soup (homemade - compliant) recipe from thepaleosecret.com 

Grilled chicken breast


Meal 3:

Tenderloin steak

Green salad with cucumber & shredded carrot

Ranch dressing (homemade) recipe from WellFed

Steamed broccoli

glass of blueberry water kefir


I'm definitely feeling a little tired and dragging myself a bit but that could be because I was up late cooking last night.  I put a stew into the crockpot, made cranberry spiked sausage balls, grilled six chicken breasts and made our dinner of steak, broccoli and salad (and potatoes for the hubby).  The bonus is that tonight I'm making the Pad Thai from WellFed and I've already got the chicken ready (I'm going to use breast instead of thighs cause it's what I had in the freezer) and the sunshine sauce which I fully intend to use tomorrow night for a Friday night Meatza pie (pork crust with sunshine sauce, scallions, red peppers and carrots...so good) also from WellFed.


I think it's easiest if I post my M1 & M2  same day and then M3 the next day with my M1 & M2




Thursday, March 6 (Day 7)



Coffee with coconut milk (usually drink it black but felt like something different today)

1X Egg muffin

Chicken Cranberry sausage (see above)



Green salad with cucumber/shredded carrot

Ranch Dressing - recipe from WellFed


Yawning already and it's only 1pm...glad I have most everything prepped for tonight so I can eat dinner and then just relax!

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Thursday, March 6 (Day 7 Continued):



Pad Thai (from WellFed)

Handful of shredded coconut


Friday, March 7 (Day 8)



Egg Muffins

Cranberry Chicken Sausage



Left-over Pad Thai


M3: (on the go)

RX Apple Cinnamon Bar

Package of compliant beef pepperoni sticks (so sad the company that made these and my jerky without sugar has stopped manufacturing)


Saturday March 8 (Day 9)



3 poached eggs

cranberry spiked sausage balls



Zucchini Noodles Aglio Et Olio (recipe from WellFed)

Pepperoni beef sticks (see above)



Chicken breast

Pineapple salsa

Cream of broccoli soup

Handful of ribbon coconut & dry roasted cashews


Sunday March 9 (Day 10)


M1: Late morning

Sweet potato hash

Cranberry spiked sausage balls

3 Poached eggs


M2: Skipped due to late lunch and early dinner plans



Bora Bora Fireballs (recipe from WellFed)

Zucchini noodles aglio et olio (not a terrific taste compliment for the fireballs but had to use them up!)


Monday, March 10 (Day 11)



2 Grilled chicken breasts with ginger sesame spice blend

large helping of mango salsa



Golden cauliflower soup (recipe from WellFed2)

Bora Bora fireballs


I've been drinking my water kefir as well every day and am on day 11 of quitting smoking!  Feeling good and it was easy to wake up this morning, even with the time change!


Cheers,  T

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