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Robin G's Post-Whole30


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Day 1

Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled with prosciutto, sweet potato with coconut butter

Lunch - 6 oz steak with broccoli and unsweetened iced tea

Dinner - Turkey, green beans, sweet potato at Bonos BBQ


Day 2

Breakfast - Chicken sausage, sweet potato with coconut butter

Lunch - Chicken with gravy, bag of sugar snap peas, navel orange

Dinner - Grilled hamburger patty, homemade mayo, broccoli, glass of almond milk

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Day 3

Breakfast - Sweet potato with coconut butter, 2 mini frittatas with prosciutto, mushrooms, onions, and some chopped parmesan, coffee with almond milk

*** Oddly enough, after I had my incredibly tasty frittatas with the first dairy I've had in over 30 days, my heart was racing a little. I'll have to see if that happens on the next exposure.


Lunch - Hamburger with mayo, green beans with ghee


Dinner - Tuna with mayo, nectarine

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Day 4 - I need to think about my plan a little more and decide what I'm going to relax on and what I will continue to avoid.  I also need to do more cooking ahead and get more vegetables in the house.  I was looking in the freezer and all there is is CORN!!!!


Breakfast - Mini frittata, coffee with coconut cream

Lunch - Mini frittata, sweet potato with coconut butter, coconut water

Snack - Epic Bison Bacon bar, coffee

             Blueberry RX bar

             Paleo pack


             Glass of milk




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Day 5 


So, yesterday I got myself into trouble looking at other people's food logs.  There was someone who had a pre-workout snack of 1 teaspoon of coconut butter and I became alarmed that I WAS eating too much.  I view a serving size more around a tablespoon or two.   :(   I cut back on the amounts of food I was eating, and the day went poorly...  Conclusion - I need to tend to my own knitting, to use a hackneyed phrase, and eat how I've been doing for the Whole30 all along.  I lost 9 pounds doing that, and really, that's not bad for a month when I didn't have food cravings and wasn't hungry.


I also think that cheese may very well be a trigger for me.


Breakfast - 3 Scrambled eggs, mashed sweet potatoes, coffee


Lunch (late) - Golden squash soup, 2 homemade sausage patties


Squash soup recipe from Worlds Healthiest Foods - http://whfoods.org/genpage.php?tname=recipe&dbid=33&utm_source=daily_click&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_email


Dinner - London broil, french fries, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots medley, prosecco

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Days 7 and 8 - Traveled to Pennsylvania and back for a funeral.  Pretty sure I reintroduced everything at once.  Happily, no ill effects.  Eager to resume healthier eating again.


Day 9


Breakfast - 2 cups coffee, 3 salmon cakes

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Hey Robin, I noticed that you did dairy on multiple days at just one meal. The recommended way to reintroduce is to do the group at 3 meals on one day and then follow with at least 2 compliant days to evaluate. Not sure if you know this and just were trying something different.


Now I see your funeral trip post too (sorry for your loss). My suggestion is be Whole30 compliant for 4-7 days and then start introductions again. 


This article might help: http://whole30.com/step-two-finished/

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Thanks Bethany - yes, trying to get back on track again.  :-(  Yesterday did not precisely qualify.


Day 0

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs, 3 strips of bacon

Lunch - Epic bar followed by RxBar

Snack - Apple with cashews

Dinner - Hamburger with sweet potato and ghee

Beverage - Cocktail with coconut water, coconut cream and rum (still trying to replicate the PF Chang's coconut cooler)


Today - plan to go back to Whole30 template for the most part and reinstitute meal planning and vegetables which are waiting patiently in my refrigerator.  This is harder than the Whole30 for me - trying to live in the real world.


Breakfast - 2 fried eggs, 2 strips of bacon, steamed collard greens with lemon and garlic

Lunch - hamburger patty, baked plantains, coffee with almond milk, small amount of mixed berries.

Dinner - Large sweet potato with coconut butter

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Breakfast - Rxbar, coffee

Lunch - Cashew, curry hamburger, collards

So-totally off course snack it's not even funny - 27 shortbread cookies (Damn you Costco!)

Hard cider


Felt horrible all night.  Those cookies really were the stereotypical food with no brakes.

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Breakfast - 2 fried eggs with 1/2 cup curry hamburger

Lunch - Chicken with gravy, apple

Snack - small handful of roasted cashews

Dinner - Paleo-style sweet and sour chicken

Drink - 1.5 oz orange vodka on ice

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Breakfast - curry hamburger, collards

Lunch - tuna fish, green bell pepper strips, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, apple, lemon juice

Dinner - Curry pumpkin soup, roasted cauliflower

Drink - Blueberry acai vodka over ice

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So, now it's June, and I have regained the 9 pounds I lost,  Sustaining healthy eating is a real challenge for me especially when I get overtired or stressed.  I'm going to think about what components of the Whole30 I want to reintroduce and get at it.  Wish me luck.

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