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Post Whole30 Log.. starting part of the way in


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So.. Reintro has been slow and steady... Forgot to start posting over here.. So here is today (yesterday was sugar reintro it went well)


Day 44 (yeah I am just still counting the reintro process.. easier to keep track LOL)


Meal 1 @ 6:10am- Breakfast scramble with extra kale and cauliflower. Also had banana with almond butter and coffee with coconut milk. Feeling good so far today! :)


Meal 2 @ 1:15pm- Lunch out with coworkers who were in the US from India.. Had not seen them in 3 years.. There was a last minute change in the dining location which threw me off. But had compliant burger with lettuce tomato onion with fried egg and grilled veggies. Everything was supposed to be seasoning free and with no butter. However, did not feel super great after eating but nothing tasted off (meaning like it was cooked with something like butter I had not asked for) so not really sure. Was still hungry when I got back to my desk so I had carrots and celery.


Snack @ 4pm- Rx Bar


Meal 3 @ 7pm- got stuck in traffic thanks to the weather. So had some leftover beef sauteed with fresh green beans, some zuchini, a tomoato, kale and sweet potatoes. Had a few almonds and strawberries since they were getting ready to go bad.


Tired… It was a stressful day at work.. Gonna sip some tea and ice down my knee and call it a night.. 


Planning the following


Mar 8- Soy 

Mar 11- Non Gluten Grains

Mar 14- Gluten (again)

Mar 17- Oats (again... yeah oats did not go well the first time around but messed up and had them on gluten day)

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Welcome to post W30 land! Look forward to following as you learn to ride your own bike. :)


Thank you!! :) :) It has been interesting so far... However, it has helped me realize that I do have the willpower to make good decisions...

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Thank you!! :) :) It has been interesting so far... However, it has helped me realize that I do have the willpower to make good decisions...


Personally I don't really see it as willpower any more. I see it as knowing my body well and being able to make a conscience decision about somethings worth knowing exactly how it will make me feel afterwards. Most of the time things just are not worth it, but every now and again they are. The longer you eat this way the more normal it feels too. Meat and vegetables is pretty much the habit for me now. The more decisions we make for better health the easier it is to make those decisions.

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Day 45


Meal 1 @ 7:30am- Off work today to take care of some family stuff. Had some thinly sliced beef with zuchini and green peppers with spinach. A piece of bacon (had to cook up the rest of the package for the weekend) and a banana with almond butter and coffee with coconut milk.


Getting things together for grandma's move up here… So have to pack lunch and dinner since Yoga teacher training is from 4-9pm tonight…


Meal 2 @1230pm- Homemade tuna salad with kale and tomatoes with an apple and carrots and celery.


Pre Workout #1 @ 3:30pm- Compliant Lara Bar


Workout #1 4:15-5:15 Hatha Hot Yoga


Post Workout #2 Rx Bar


Workout #2 5:30-6:30 Intense Flow Hot Yoga


Post Workout at 6:45- Chicken with sweet potatoes, carrots with celery, hardboiled egg (was hungry)


Mini Meal 3 @ 9:30pm- Was a bit hungry so had some more chicken (1/4 palm) with some sweet potatoes (1/4) and a piece of bacon while I packed up stuff for YTT tomorrow as it's a long day of class and workouts 7-7…

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Day 46- Soy Day


Meal 1 @ 6am- Breakfast scramble with extra spinach. Banana with almond butter and coffee with coconut milk.


Pre WorkOut Snack @ 11am- Complaint Lara Bar


Workout 1130-1230


Post Workout @ 12:45 Chicken and sweet potatoes


Meal 2 @ 1:15- Homemade strawberry almond chicken salad with tomatoes and spinach and carrots and celery. Also had coconut water and compliant unsweet tea.


Snack @ 4pm- Hardboiled egg with an apple and some almonds.


Meal 3 @ 8pm- Well Fed Chili with a sweet potato and edammame and broccoli.


Now time for some Greys and Scandal with Kombucha and bed… Exhausted.. Tomorrow will be 3-4 workouts depending on the day, should have had 2 today but time got away from the teacher... My body is thankful. LOL

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Day 47-


Man daylight savings time is kicking me in the butt hard… No ill effects so far from the soy yesterday... Good to know I can have edammame every now without any harsh side effects.


Meal 1 @ 6am- Two compliant chicken sausages, asparagus, spinach, piece of bacon, banana with almond butter and coffee with almond milk.


Pre Workout Snack #1 @ 8:30- Handful of almonds


Workout #1 8:45-9:30 Hot Yoga & Circuit Class


Post Workout at 10am- Chicken with sweet potatoes


Pre Workout #2 at 11:00am- Handful of almonds


Workout #2 11:15-12:45pm- Hot Yoga Flow


Meal 2 @ 1:15pm- Homemade tuna salad, chicken, sweet potatoes, kale, tomatoes, some almond butter and watermelon. Coconut water and some iced black coffee.


Snack @ 3:30pm- (yeah was hungry again lol.. Go figured workout #2 was a killer and I was full after Meal 2 but it was not enough esp considering the amount of water that I drank during the meal… chugged water)


Pre Workout #3 at 5:15pm- Handful of almonds


Workout #3 5:30-6:30pm- Hot Hatha Yoga class


Meal 3 @ 8pm- I know I should have eaten sooner but came home and needed to roast the cauliflower and cabbage and make the zuchini noodles and unpack, shower, start laundry, etc. I thought I had grabbed well fed 2 italian meat sauce, but it was some compliant beef and veggies stew from last month. It was good. Also added  a sweet potato. Feeling full, good full. Sleepy full… lol…


Sweet potatoes roasted, house straightened up… Water and aleeve are in for the day… Bed is calling my name. Will def be sore in the morning after the workouts today.


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Day 48


Meal 1 @ 6am- some chicken with: roasted cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, green peppers, broccoli, a piece of bacon. Also had a banana with almond butter and coffee (more than usual, dragging this morning) and coconut milk. My stomach started to feel funky after breakfast… not sure if something was off with the chicken or if I'm just dehydrated or something even though I drank lots of water before, during, and after yoga yesterday. Even had an extra-large glass this am and some coconut water.


Meal 2 @ 11am- Pork chop with salad jar and extra veggies (carrots, celery, cauliflower) and a hardboiled egg. Also had a date…


Meal 3 @ 8pm- Leftover stew with sweet potatoes and cabbage. Meal 3 was late since I had to help move grandma into her assisted living facility.. Naturally I was starving LOL and exhausted so I did not post... Went to bed at 9:15... 


Day 49 - Gluten Grains Day


Pre Workout Snack @ 5:40am- Handful of almonds


Workout 6:15am-7am Hot Yoga Flow Class


Post Workout Meal @ 7:30am chicken and sweet potatoes


Meal 1 @ 10:30am- Breakfast casserole with a banana and almond butter. 1/4 plain bagel.


Did not get as bad of a headache as I did with oats… that's good… I did get a headache about 1.5 hrs. after I ate… felt itchy… but did not feel like death but did not feel good…


Meal 2 @ 1:30pm- Salad jar with well fed chili and cauliflower and an orange.


Snack @ 5pm- Lara Bar (compliant) on the way from work to grocery stop 1 or 3 tonight


Meal 3 @ 7pm- cooked up some ground chicken with trader joes compliant Verde salsa, green beans, broccoli and cabbage with a tablespoon of almond butter. Had some kashi cinnamon harvest cereal (ie: shredded wheat)


Now time to work on my yoga class for training this weekend and then maybe do some food prep… we will see since its already almost 8pm. But want to stay up and active till 10 so I can see how the cereal makes me feel...


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