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Determined to succeed 6 down 24 to go


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Hello My name is Layla =)


This is my very first time doing the whole30!!! I am super excited about the process. I know this is the stepping stone to get the health and confidence I want. 


On this wonderful day 6 I have to say the sugar cravings are consuming my mind!!! I know were not supposed to substitute foods but fruit hasn't been lasting long around me. I know how bad my sweet tooth is and I refuse to fail at this. I understand the science behind why this is so hard. I just need reassurance this craving will pass. 


I cant believe I cant chew gum this isn't horribly hard to resist compared to other things. 


I am anxiously waiting for the acne I do have to go away. I don't know if mother nature being present is part of the reason it isn't gone. 


If anyone could help me put these things into a better perspective and reassure me that these are normal things I as well as my sanity would greatly appreciate it. 

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Another thought - if you are craving something sweet don't eat something sweet. I know this seems counter intuitive but if you want to break the sweet cycle you need to stop satisfying it. When you start craving sweets first ask yourself if you are even hungry (would you eat steamed fish and broccoli or something bland and boring). If the answer is no do something else to distract yourself. If the answer is yes eat protein and fat not something sweet. Fruit is optional on a W30 and the recommendation is 1-2 fist sized servings a day as part of (ingredient) a meal or directly following. If you are using fruit to fill the dessert slot after a meal though I would advice against it.

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If you are using fruit to fill the dessert slot after a meal though I would advice against it.

Good to know...I ate frozen bananas the second night.  Didn't even think about the possibility of it being a swypo. 


I'm now on day 5, and I think I'm still in the denial phase??  I haven't really missed anything other than half and half in my coffee, and that was only tough the first couple of days.  Is that weird?


The timeline is super helpful to read before you start, but I've tried not to think about it since.  I'm afraid I would use it as an excuse to be mean or tired, etc!


Good luck Layla!

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Thank you ladies for responding =)


I did take a look at the timeline when I first read up about everything. I will have to make sure to look back on it periodically.


Thank you Physibeth for the information it make a lot of sense what your saying. I have tried to stay away from eating a lot of fruit its just been the last couple days that are killing me. I havent used them so much as dessert as trying to not eat the junk im not supposed to eat in the first place.  I do want to learn how to pretty much rid myself of the sweet tooth all together so I will be trying your advice.


Porter I dont think that its weird but thats just me. Being in day 7 I havent craved a lot of the things that I thought I would just sweets lol.

Thanks for the luck =) wishing you luck as well!!!

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