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Mirena and bloating


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I had my mirena put in 1/10/14. I've recently noticed that I get very bloated every night. Does anyone else have mirena and experience this? I'm on day 10 of my 3rd whole 30 but I'm not sure if food could be a possible cause too. Maybe FODMAPS? Too much fruit? I'm not sure where to start in trying to alleviate this awful bloat!!


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I put on 8 pounds of water weight my first week with mirena and it continued until I had it removed. If the body perceives anything in your body as being bad, it'll retain water in an attempt to dilute it to minimize the potential damage. If this started when you had it put in, I'd suspect that. If not, I'd look at your food. Someone might be able to chime in with some tips if you post a few days worth of your food log.

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I've had my mirena for a couple of years. I have noticed that it has changed my cyclical symptoms.  Like I never used to bloat, but now I retain water cyclically.  I hold onto it for a few days and then it wooshes off as quickly as it came.  But the benefits--no periods and not worrying about getting pregnant are worth it!  I'd definitely rather trade bloating for a heavy period! 


I am nearly done with my first whole 30, and I have noticed some hormonal effects.  I would guess that your Whole 30 and your mirena might be interacting in unfamiliar to you ways, but just keep going and you'll get through it!

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