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Failed in past, would like to try again

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So I tried the program about a year ago and wound up quitting because I was hungry All. The. Time. I'd eat a 10 oz steak and a whole onion, pepper, zucchini. Then I'd clean up the kitchen and settle down for the evening and within 30 minutes would be hungry enough to eat another large meal. I couldn't sustain it. The other thing that led me to quit was it seemed like the vast amount of my non work waking time was spent preparing food and cleaning up. 

Now i'm in a bit of a different type of job that has me starting at 7 or 730 am with a 30-60 minute commute, so time for cooking breakfast in the AM is limited. I do not have a microwave- my current kitchen is too small  and dated to accommodate one. Cooking breakfast and then cleaning up before I leave for work at that hour seems like a daunting task. 

I drive around during the day and do not have access to fridge/microwave. I have to eat lunch while driving a couple days a week so I'm a bit baffled as to what I can do other than a sandwich or protein bars. I just discovered on the Whole 30 site the compliant protein bars and primal packs, so I've ordered some of them to have on hand for when I start this again. 


And, since I get up so early i have to go to bed early, so the idea of spending my entire evening cooking and cleaning up is not appealing. 

I don't have any allergies or sensitivities but I would like to see if this program helps with weight loss or increased energy- especially since I just started Crossfit. 


I'm not sure what I did wrong or what I need to do differently to succeed. 

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A couple of questions -


1) How far into the program did you get the last time? I was ravenous the whole first week, which is pretty typical. It gets better, but that first week (for me - might take longer for others) was hard! Also, that example meal that you gave might have been helped by a little added fat - were you in the habit of getting plenty of fat at your meals? That always helps me.


2) Have you considered cooking a bunch on the weekends, rather than every night? That's what I do; I'd never be able to sustain eating this way if I didn't. I'll make a frittata or the makings of a hash for breakfast, chili or something along those lines for lunches, salmon cakes or whatever for dinners, then just reheat during the week.


Taking a cooler with you in the car would help with lunches. Just as a heads up - your workouts might actually feel worse the first couple of weeks while your body adjusts. That's normal. Most people get back to normal after that and many people have great workouts by the end. Just be aware it's a process!

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I agree --- meal prep day is essential to succeeding on this program! We cook on the weekend (usually Sunday) and have food for at least several days. Sometimes we will have to cook supplemental veggies during the week, but then again it's more than just for a couple of meals, so it's okay. 


As far as fats - make sure you are eating them with EVERY meal! I noticed when I first started and would sometimes skip/forget the fats, I would be SO hungry maybe an hour after eating.


I'm not sure where you live, but you could check and see if gas stations around town have a microwave you could use (I had to do that recently, but it worked quite well).


Happy you are giving this another shot :)

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