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Help! I need somebody.. Migraines

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I started having very debilitating migraines the second week through my first 30.  I don't even have many headaches as a rule so I was surprised to start this and then have them.  I was down and out, even missed work.  At a certain point in the pain, the only thing I could even think to eat was the Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread.  It was a slip but I just kept going, but still have weekly migraines.

I hit 26 days in and did a restart.  Another bad migraine on day 2.  Again the raisin bread.  restart again.


The thing I'm wondering about is mushrooms.  I started adding mushrooms to my food a lot and have not been eating them in the past.




Could mushrooms be causing the migraines?

and if not,


Does anyone have any ideas?  about what might cause migraines? 


I love this program and I'm not quitting even if I have to restart umpteen times.  I have energy and feel good otherwise.  Lost 5 pounds but I don't care about that because I feel so good.




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I'm not really sure, but I'd question your salt intake (make sure you get enough!) and your hydration.  You really are supposed to drink when your body asks for water, but some people need to push about half of their body weight in ounces because hunger cues and thirst get confused.


Bone broth may be something to reach for instead of the bread.


I hope you can find answers here to help you.

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mushrooms are a natural source of glutamates.  If you have ever heard of MSG, natural sources of glutamates (tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.) can result in a similar reaction in sensitive individuals, this gives the sensation of a migraine.  It is not clear how the glutamate reaction results in this but for sensitive individuals it is a MAJOR trigger.


Despite claims of safety and origins in nature, headache specialists have long known that MSG can be a significant trigger problem in Migraineurs. This means that exposure to MSG and free glutamates may set the stage for a Migraine attack. Most headache specialists will recommend an MSG free diet, yet many of them fail to educate patients on how to accomplish it.


Glutamate is the business end of the MSG compound and the part that Migraineurs need to be most concerned about.


Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter and is known to be one of the most prevalent neurotransmitters in the body.


Here is an article that explains various levels of glutamates in foods:




Here is one that explains the connection to migraines:




I am VERY sensitive to MSG, but thankfully can eat mushrooms and tomatoes in low quantities (ie: Sauce or stir fry), if I suddenly consumer a large quantity after not eat for and extended period, or if I eat some EVERYDAY, I will get the worst migraines in the world.  Also depending on what TYPE of mushroom you are eating the glutamate levels may be higher.  I know if I try to eat large quantities of heirloom tomatoes, I start to feel the pain...


I hope this information helps you. 


I am sensitive to Glutamates so that is why I am identify this and trying to provide the information.

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Hello Tj! Thank you so much!! I was eating mushrooms probably 3x a day! I'd cut up veggies n add onions and mushrooms. Then add eggs or a meat n I was happy!

You have absolutely made my life a happier place! My husband will be so grateful too.

Thank you, thank you!


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