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Losing weight

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Hi All,


I am on my 5th reset and finally got by Days 3 and 4. I'm on Day 9 and would like to know whether I will lose weight during the 30 days and when I should begin to see results.


Thanks for your help,


P.S. I miss the crunch of say...chips. I eat carrots everyday. Anything else I can try during the first 30?

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Welcome back!


Many people lose weight on a Whole30. Some do not. Whole30 is not a weight loss plan: it's a program to change your relationship with food.


Some people observe changes during the 30 days: early, middle, end.  Sometimes it takes more than 30 days.  It completely varies.


To get an idea what many people experience as they go through the process, view the timeline.


You're on day 9 - terrific!  Give it the additional 21 days.  Follow the rules, create meals that fit the recommended meal template, and see where you are 22 days from now. 

EDIT: On your crunch question, check out this thread - lots of ideas: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/15301-crunchies/

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