PMS or Whole 30 perma-bloat?


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Hi all,

I'm on day 12.  Up until day 9 or so I felt great.  I was already having more energy, was not hungry between meals and felt lighter due to shedding some water weight (I'm assuming).  Days 10 and 11 were AWFUL.  I was bloated all over and felt so uncomfortable.  I was assuming it was part of the process (per the timeline) and felt a bit better this morning.  Then, as the day went on, I felt like I was retaining more and more water.  I'm about 6 days away from my TOM and typically I experience very bad water retention for a full week leading up to the day I start. 

I'm truly hoping this is just my normal PMS reaction, but since it is a continuation of how badly I felt on days 10 and 11 I'm worried that my Whole 30 is not going so well.  This is my 3rd attempt (and one I will finish).  My first two went well for a couple weeks (with no real bloating), but holidays/life events got in the way of finishing. 


My meals follow the template and other than a surge in chocolate/carb cravings over the past few days I have not had a problem sticking to three meals.  I'm hoping the recent cravings are also a sign that this is all due to my TOM, but that could be wishfull thinking.  I'm doing my best to drink half my weight in water ounces as well.

Anyway, I'm having a "talk me down from the ledge" moment since I am SO uncomfortable in my own skin at this point and still have a week of feeling this way assuming it's due to PMS.  Anyone else have a hard time differentiating between PMS water retention and bloating associated with the Whole 30? 



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Come down from the ledge.  Really.  It'll be OK.  Some people report a lessening of their usual PMS symptoms on Whole30 - others of us aren't so fortunate.  I tend to think, every month, that I've gone completely off the rails somehow - then my period starts and I go "OOOOOHHHHHH yeah, that's it."  And I eat Whole30 almost all of the time.


Eat more fat and carbs to deal with the cravings.  I've been known to eat three avocadoes per day and sweet potatoes at every meal during this time of my cycle - not that any moderator here would likely recommend this as optimal, but it kept me out of the Starbucks mochas and once the bloating lessened it did so without any nasty sugar/grain/carb flu symptoms.


Hang in there.

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Hello ladies,

I was hoping to add to this discussion since you were on the topic of menstrual cycles. I'm 33 and always have had regular cycles. I'm on day 23 of my whole 30 and have started my second cycle this month :( the first one came as scheduled but I'm at day 16 of my cycle and started my period again. Please share any experiences you've had to help me better understand that this won't be the normal! Obviously my hormones have been affected by this whole 30. My periods haven't been nearly as painful and I'm not bloated and carrying water weight!! So that's a plus:)

Thanks for sharing.

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