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Can anyone hack my bathroom issues?

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Background -

I have been mainly paleo since last 2009. No grains, not too much sugar, few chemicals etc. Not strict, and incorporated dairy but certainly healthier than most and enough to control my endometriosis - which was what sparked the change in the first place. I'd say my diet was good old fashioned 1950's cooking :)

Flash forward to October last year and we had some building work done to the house and the chaos engendered a slip towards very regular red wine(!!), more regular 90% dark chocolate and convenience food. I wasn't surprised when both myself & husband came down with put-you-in-bed-for-a-week flu in May. So we embarked upon a Whole 30 to put us back on track and get us out of the "just one won't hurt" rut.

We are on day 17 or something at the moment - we're not really counting much. It's going well - except .....


Whenever I go really strict paleo things in the bathroom get ... um .... loose.


I find I go from regular once a day with no issues to intermittent bathroom visits of looseness.

It's weird - when there's a small proportion of non paleo stuff in my diet I go back to A-OK in the bathroom stakes.

I really want to hack this because I desperately want to keep my diet clean after my 30 days is up.

Whole 30 eating ->

Breakfasts are scrambled egg (in ghee) with spinach and a meat (generally chicken or pig of some description)

Lunches are packed for work and usually something like Nomnom paleo meatloaf along with Nomnom paleo sweet potato muffins

Dinner - a meat with plenty of veg ...... tonight was chicken wrapped in bacon ..... yesterday was steak with liver.

No fruit or nuts to speak of. No in between meal nibbles. I drink mainly water or weak white tea with a coffee (black) in the morning.

I don't think my bathroom issue is steatoria (sp?) because I really don't think I am going overboard with fats and I only really use ghee and coconut oil ... both of which I am used to after all this time.

Can anyone shed any light?


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