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Starting on Monday March 10th!


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Hello everyone,

I am starting March 10th (Monday)too! Excited...also afraid I won't finish and continue etc... But even more tired of feeling like plain old crap all the time. I find myself with no energy and brain fog all of the time...along with chronic back pain.

Several of my friends are Paleo, I have seen their lives transform over the past few years. One of them suggested I begin with the Whole 30.

I am ready! If have liberated my kitchen from all the bad stuff. Farmer's market tomorrow morning!

Guessing like most people I am going to have a binge tomorrow though....probably Sushi! I will miss Sushi. I gave up Coca-Cola Classic a month ago...that is by far has been the hardest, and I am glad I won't have the extra challenge of that too.

Looking forward to a happier healthier future!


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