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I'm officially starting tomorrow (with the whole August crowd - there are so many of us, I hope it will be a fantastic support), but today I had my day zero. I already ate 100% compliant and so far it was OK.

Breakfast: Avocado and veggie "pudding": 1 small avocado, a huge bunch of parsley, 1 carrot, 1 banana, some vanilla extract and a pinch of salt, about 2 tbsp of coconut milk that was left in the carton and some water. Blended it all, topped with some coconut chips and devoured :) As awful as it sounds, it was actually quite good. I was a bit scared myself, but I liked it. I also had a black americano

Lunch: Super spicy gazpacho like soup - 1 small roasted eggplant, 1 tomato, 1 bell pepper, some pickled jalapenos, lime juice, garlic and salt, 2 tbsp tahini. All blended and chilled. I also had 100g smoked salmon

Snack: an apple with homemade almond butter + some shredded coconut (which I actually shouldn't have eaten, but oh well...)

Dinner: veggie scramble with 3 eggs, a ton of spinach, some green onion and tomato. I also added some nutritional yeast (not a beer by product). I was kind of anxious about it because I used to use it as cheese replacement in my vegan days. But it didn't taste cheesy at all. Actually I didn't really taste the yeast and I read that it's reach in protein and some vitamins so I figured it never hurts to have some diversity.

Dessert (yes, there was dessert): 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup blueberries, some unsweetened cocoa powder and some almond butter. Yum.

I did a crossfit style workout too and it really felt good. Better than usual actually. Off to do some serious food prep for the next few days

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Whew, I did it :) One day down. It actually wasn't that bad at all.

Carie, my coconut milk is whole fat, just comes in a small carton and not a can.

Today's foods


Cauliflower and sweet potato mash with coconut milk, 2 eggs fried in ghee, some sour cherries (maybe 1/3 cup) and a few cashews. It didn't hold me over very well, so next time I may sub fruit for a strip of bacon or an extra egg (I can't believe I just wrote that...) Black americano


Chicken curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, green beans and zucchini. This was great and very filling


A small serving of the breakfast veggie mash (1/2 cup-ish) and a small apple


Salad with spinach, roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes and avocado and a few raisins + dessert of 1/2 banana, almond butter and blueberries

No workout today, cause I need to pack for a mini vacation.

Some thoughts after day one:

  • I felt rather normal, no headaches etc.I did feel a bit sleepy/light headed in the afternoon, but I'm not sure whether that was because of what I ate/didn't eat or just by coincidence. Anyway, it wasn't anything serious.
  • I woke up today before 5 AM ready to start the day, which was not cool, because I planned to sleep until 6:30. I had trouble falling back asleep and when did, my alarm went off after 10 minutes (obviously ;)). I've read somewhere that low glucose levels may cause sleeping problems, but we'll see
  • I'll try to eliminate the snack, but that may be hard... I have my breakfast about 6:30 AM and rarely have dinner before 8 PM. I hardly imagine having only one meal in between...
  • I don't tolerate fruit other than banana and berries eaten after something else. Case in point, the apple eaten after veggie mash left my stomach a bit upset.

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A small update, because I just made a decision that I'm kind of proud of ;)

I LOVE nut butters. Any nut, peanut included (peanut is a nut in my books, although I'm a good girl and ditched peanut butter, but I still think it's delicious ;)). Sunbutter is awesome too. I could basically dip a stick in almond butter and pronounce it the best thing I've ever eaten. So the problem is that I love nut butters TOO much. I'm leaving for a 4 day trip tomorrow and I was planning to make about 2 cups of sunbutter to take with me. You know, to fuel my long hikes ;). I even roasted sunflower seeds. And then I thought that this was getting out of control and how could I seriously rationalize that I needed 2 CUPS of sunbutter??? So I decided not to take any with me on the trip. And since there is no chance that I'll be able to buy some when I'm there, I will have a 4 day nut butter detox. I did pack some nuts for healthy fats. Along with a ton of veggies and several pre-boiled eggs. But nut butters are staying. One little step towards a healthy relationship with food :)

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A quick check in after day 2

I had trouble sleeping last night (again). I woke up about 4.30 AM and couldn't go back to sleep...

My foods were 100% OK

Breakfast: a veggie pudding (the same as on day one) + coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: chicken curry (the same as yesterday) + a few nuts

Dinner: cauliflower and sweet potato mash, 100g smoked salmon and a few cherry tomatoes + a few more nuts

I will probably snack on some raw veggies later on as I have a long drive ahead.

Overall, this day was quite tough. I had a headache all day (not crippling but kind of annoying) and green tea seemed to help a bit with this. I also kind of realized that there are still 28 days to go ;)

I have some GI issues and I suspect that too much coconut milk is messing up my gut. We'll see.

I'm off to a 5 day mini vacation. I will surely miss wine with my dinners and chocolate on the trail, but I will stay strong. I guess I'll check in with my food when I'm back.

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Well... I'm restarting it all. I didn't end up eating clean (and staying away from booze) during my vacation, so I needed to go back to day one. Which was yesterday and went as follows:


carrot, avocado and parsley "pudding" with coconut chips + black coffee


curried chicken salad (spinach, roasted chicken, apple, celery, fresh cilantro, a few cashews + dressing (olive oil, curry and some more spices)


2 eggs + some cherry tomatoes


1 beet, some broccoli and some zucchini sauteed with olive oil + smoked salmon and some homemade pesto. 1/2 small banana, fresh berries and 1 tbsp sunbutter

I did some core work for my workout, but I must admit I literally had to drag my butt to the gym.

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Day 2 is over. It was quite OK.


a big serving of sausage, apples and eggs bake (with celery and carrots also in the mix). 1/2 banana, some berries and 1 tsp sunbutter + black coffee


salad with spinach, roasted chicken, melon and prosciutto


1 small carrot, a piece of cucumber, a few florets of broccoli dipped in tahini and mustard


grilled pork and grilled broccoli with chili and garlic


1/2 banana with some coca powder, a few raspberries and a tsp of almond butter. This was actually rather emotional eating cause my husband just left for a week and 'm kind of bummed.

Overall it was OK or so I think. I had a bit of headache in the evening, but not that bad. Didn't work out, because I was meeting a friend for dinner. Planning to do some yoga tomorrow.

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Day 3 is done and was OK :)

I slept terribly last night but that was not related to food (I think). Got to work on that stress management thing... Then I slept in a bit (a national holiday in Poland - I had a day off) and didn't make it to morning yoga. Oh well. I had a nice breakfast - the sausage, apples & veggies casserole as yesterday + some extra shredded apple and zucchini on top, because it somehow got a bit dry. I also had a coffee with coconut milk.

For lunch i went to my parents' and has 2 pieces of roasted salmon and a salad and some fresh fruit.

Then I had a pre-workout snack of apple and some nuts. Note to self: don't eat apples pre-workout. I still felt it rolling around my stomach when I was leaving the gym :-/

For dinner I has the best omelet ever :) 3 eggs blended with one small banana and some cinnamon and a pinch of salt. I folded in some grated yellow zucchini (maybe 2/3 cup) and when it was cooked I topped it with almond butter. I was in heaven :)

My workout wasn't great today - I wasn't motivated to go to the gym in the first place, but I did drag my butt and did some strength stuff and then rowed 5 km. The best part of my row was when I was racing/trying to keep up with the guy next to me. When he finished I kind of lost my rhythm and it took me a looooong time to finish the last km. Maybe I should have asked him to stay on the rower for 5 more minutes ;)

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Day 4 done :)

My main accomplishment for today is trying indoor climbing. It required me to go FAR out of my comfort zone, but it turns out I loved it :)


last serving of egg, sausage and apples bake with shredded zucchini and apples on top + a coffee with coconut milk


salad of chopped veggies, tuna and 1/2 avocado with a bit of pesto


1 small banana and ~1tbsp sunbutter


Pumpkin omelet which ended up being a pumpki scramble: 3 small organic eggs, some roasted pumpkin and shredded raw zucchini, salt and cinnamon. Fried in a tsp of coconut oil and topped with almond butter

The only problem was that dinner happened about 10PM, but we went climbing after work and I didn't come home until 9.40

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Day 5 done :)

I was a bit sleepy today, but I somehow made it through the day at the office (TGIF) and even managed to have a decent workout. I didn't eat anything directly post WO, which was silly, because I had to do some grocery shopping on the way home and when I was leaving the store, I was seriously contemplating eating raw kale ;) I guess that means I was really hungry and not only had a passing craving ;) Seriously though, I was close to passing out at one point, so I think I let my glucose fall a bit too low.

Anyway, today's eats

breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, broccoli, a few cherry tomatoes and some sauteed zucchini + a coffee with coconut milk

lunch: more sauteed zucchini with mixed seafood, sun dried tomatoes and homemade pesto + a tsp of sunbutter

snack: a handful of hazelnuts, a carrot and some shredded coconut. Could have skipped the hazelnuts, because they somehow didn't hit the spot... The carrot did though :)

dinner: sauteed kale with smoked salmon, beet, 1/2 avocado, lemon juice garlic and sea salt. A small banana with a heaping tsp of almond butter and some blueberries for dessert

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Day 6 yesterday was really good, but I was too pooped to log it last night. We went climbing again and spent almost 4 hours dangling on ropes. It was so awesome that the 4 hours seemed like 15 minutes :) However, I'm epically sore today. Oh well, life is brutal. I'm taking a day off but will definitely be back on the wall soon :)

Regarding the eats

breakfast: 3 eggs blended with roasted pumpkin and cinnamon + some shredded zucchini. Again, I tried to make an omelet, but it ended up as a scramble and I loved it anyway :) Topped with almond butter (but I resisted coming back for more butter when I ate all my topping. I'm trying to cut down on nuts and nut butters, but it's not going great - I love them too much :))

lunch: sauteed kale with a roasted beet, some smoked salmon, 1 egg and 1 tbsp nutritional yeast. It may not be the pretties meal ever, but it was very tasty :)

snack: a slice of home made roasted turkey + 4 strawberries

dinner: salad of kale, roasted turkey, roasted pumpkin, several pecans and apple cinnamon vinegret (1/2 small apple blended with balsamic vinegar, some walnut oil, a pinch of salt and a ton of cinnamon). Delicious :)

I can't seem to sleep properly at night. I drank a "sleep easy" tea (all natural, organic etc.), took melatonin and still tossed and turned all night. I did sleep soundly through the morning though :P I really need to work on my sleeping patterns.

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