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7 days into Whole30, me, wife and son


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Our 26 year old son introduced us to Whole 30, so we bought the book ( and several paleo) and all 3 of started on March 3rd. He is a cop and works 4 days on and 4 off so he prepares his meals on days off for the days working. My wife has some gut problems as well as weight and I have trouble sleeping (sleep Apena)

Fortunally one of my co-workers started a week before I did so we can encourages each other. We are going to be traveling all next week so we'll have to be careful at restaurants, but it's doable.

Toughest part for me is doing without the 2 to 4 Diet Cokes a day, but I've managed so far.

Bill, Julie and Russell

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Welcome to the forum ! This is a great place to get the support specially on bad days :rolleyes: . This is my Day 8, and I have had a lots of ups and downs but overall I fell better, less bloated, but sometimes very tired. 


It is great that you are three doing the Whole30 !!. I live by myself so that is not a problem, but It gets more difficult at work because people do not really understand what I am doing! Specially because I also have to eat out many days (work lunches that I can´t skip). 


Well, good luck and keep telling how are you doing !!

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