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After screwing it up... Second W30


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Hi everyone.


After finishing my first W30 five days ago, I tried to go on for 30 more days but I simply binged on ice cream, pizza, and specially a lot of dulce de leche. And I really mean a lot.


My first W30 wasn't a positive experience for me (you might remember me from this post), so I really want to try it again and see if it works... But at the same time, I can't help missing the "banned" foods, and that's because I don't really enjoy what I eat during W30, as I don't like meat very much and I get tired of it. This is a bit similar to a "common" weightloss diet to me - it's hard to keep the new habits.


However, I'll go again for 38 more days (I'm going on a short vacation after that and I don't know how I'll cope with my foods... But I won't worry about it now). This time, I really hope I can feel better in some way, because otherwise I know I'll feel even more disencouraged.


I'll also try to change my sleeping habits (I should be sleeping right now, as I need to get up in 6 hours). That's the hardest part.


I'll try my best but, any advice?


Thank you :).

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If you haven't been enjoying what you're eating, mix it up.  Try new recipes, new proteins, new veggies. Countless options out there.


Also, remind yourself why you're doing a Whole30 in the first place.  That can help to keep you motivated.

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