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Eating Out in Jacksonville, FL!

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Just wanted to share my experience with everyone, especially if you live or will ever visit Jacksonville, FL.


Just this past Saturday I went to breakfast with a friend at Derby on Park (in Five Points). I was kind of nervous about ordering (I just don't like being difficult with the wait staff). The waitress was very friendly and helpful - I ordered the special (Oscar Frittata without the hollandaise) and a side salad with sundried tomato vinaigrette (and asked about the oil for everything and dairy etc etc, which she said she thought was olive oil). She talked to the chef and came back to tell me that the dressing was an olive oil blend, so she said she'd bring red wine vinegar & olive oil.


The chef proceeds to come out to talk to me about the oil situation, and said unfortunately they use a blend for everything (olive oil/veg oil). I told him I couldn't have it at all, and asked if he could cook it without oil or make me something else (I'm not picky!). He asked if I was in a rush, I said no. He told me he would run down the street to the grocery store and buy some olive oil - just to cook my meal! I told him he didn't have to do that, but he insisted. I was surprised, a little embarrassed, but really happy with their above and BEYOND customer service and assistance. They didn't have to do that, but they did. 


So. With that being said, if you are ever in Jacksonville, Florida, give Derby on Park a shot!




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I was told that the Paleo Burger over at Mshack is compliant by someone who has done the W30 twice now. I also know they added more options to the "paleo" options. Als: Publix now sells the tessamea dressings in near the salads.

Our goal during our #SeptemberWhole30 is to try places like Black Sheep, taverna, HobNob, etc. and see what they can do.

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