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weekend travel to bogota - Alcohol pressure


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I know I know I am an adult... but I am going to Bogota for a concert with some friends and even though I have told them about whole30 and that I am doing it for Lent also, they do not seem to care (to my dissapointment) they believe I am tortouring myself and I have played the guilt card on them. I have told them they should be supportive if they are my friends but no sir! 


Anyway, I am a bit dissapointed now so I guess I will use that as my "I won´t budge" incentive! What worried me is eating out the whole weekend in a Latin American country! (read: no paleo options, barely any veggies) and was wondering if anyone has tips! I could eat fried plantains all weekend but I don´t think I will be following the 3 meals a day rule with protein veggies and fat. ANy thoughts?





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