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I Beat the Sugar Horror-Go-Round


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I wrote a long wrap-up of my experiences with the Whole30, and I realized it was too long for here! I don't normally blog about food, but I decided to put my Whole30 wrap-up post on my blog.

Here's the link if you want to check out the whole thing: ordinary contradictions

Or here's a short summary if you just want to stay here :)

. . . A bit of history: growing up we called my Dad “the cookie monster†and my family hid cookies and crackers from him. But he would search the kitchen, find them, and eat them all at once. Not surprisingly, he developed diabetes (like his sister) at age 47. I'm proud of him for making big lifestyle changes after that diagnosis, but I knew I did not want that diagnosis. . .

. . . I tried my best to eat low-fat and high-carb. My diet looked remarkably like the “bad day†in It Starts With Food. My waist size was slowly going up over the years even though I ran, biked, hiked, rock-climbed, cross-fitted, and yoga'd. I weighed my portions; I tracked calories; I put my fork down; I chewed twenty times; I blotted my pizza. I paid someone to tell me what to eat. I tried everything, but my health was not going in the direction I wanted it to. . .

. . . I gained control of sugar.

I don't think I can emphasize enough how amazing that is to me. . .

. . . I believe in personal responsibility and personal choice. I don't often try to persuade anyone to do anything. But this feels different. This is life and world changing.

Try a Whole30. Just one. It's just 30 days. See how it changes your life. Let's see how we can change the world.

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