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Help - trying new PreWO meal and need advice


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I am new at Whole30, this is day 6 for me and I'm trying new things for PreWO and PostWO meals...


I usually have blueberry, avocado, coconut milk smoothie in the morning without problems.  Today, trying to be more compliant, for PreWO, I had hard boiled egg with a little homemade mayo chopped in (as per the moderator missmary's suggestion).  It felt good on my stomach. 


An hour later I did an hour of strength training and felt okay, BUT by the time I got to abs at the end, I felt my face go white, then I felt dizzy and nauseous (and I was laying on my back when this occurred!).  The only time I've had this happen before is when I did pilates very early on an empty stomach.  I really think I need to add fruit to my PreWO meal to keep from getting sick - please advise.  Especially since it is technically my breakfast 3x a week. 


After strength training (I just lay there for the end of abs, to recover) I thought I should go eat a banana, but felt recovered enough to go on to Zumba without the banana.  I did Zumba for an hour and felt well enough.  PostWO meal I brought with me and ate as soon as I got to my car... chicken and a baked sweet potato.  Very satisfying. 


I am already rather lean (for my age and sex) and perimenopausal.  I am 48, female, 5'5", and weigh 122 lbs.  Not sure if this matters, but it might.  My work outs consist of strength training first thing MWF (sometimes I run before), Zumba right after on M and W, Step aerobics on Fri.  I practice Tai Chi on Wednesdays (and other days when I can), and I am running when I can to get ready for spring races.  So MWF, I am very active for nearly 3 hours in one stretch. I also teach a Zumba class Tuesdays at noon and at 6 pm. My Thursdays and Saturdays are recovery/less active usually.







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Your body likes quick burning carbs as its energy source and fruit is quick burning carbs. If you will give it some time, your body will adapt more fully to burning fat as fuel and you will find that you have plenty of energy to get through workouts without feeling drained. 


Many people suffer reduced performance in their workouts for the first two weeks of a Whole30, but find that they then begin to find their old ceilings have been removed and their performance goes through the roof. 


Hang in there eating protein and fat as your pre-workout meal and I bet you will turn the corner in a week or two. 

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