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How long could it take for symptoms to show up?


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My Whole30 was pretty awesome! My acupuncturist recommended it to help reset myself before my seasonal allergy season, to see if we can lessen their effect (already, none of the OTC medications work for me :/ )  I already knew of some low-grade sensitivities (dairy is one where it builds over time, so I try to limit it to "worth it" experiences), but I've never had much trouble with alcohol. Not that I'm a big drinker, but a glass or two of something has never been something which I noticed before.


We were out with friends on Friday (day 33!), and went to a Mexican place that's been a favorite of ours.  I was clean the rest of the day, and at the restaurant only ate chicken / veg (skipping the tortillas, fajita wrappers, and cheese), and had one margarita.


Prior to Whole30, this was something I wouldn't have noticed, let alone felt compelled to write a forum post on!  However, I woke up very early all three mornings since then, and I had brutal headaches yesterday.  And today, nearly 3 days later, I had a trip to the bathroom that I'm glad no coworkers had to hear.  :/


I've been totally clean since that one drink, so I'm wondering if:


a) it's really possible that symptoms from one drink could last this long

B) if I'm just more sensitive / attuned and therefore blowing things up in my head

c) it's possible that quitting alcohol for 30 days has increased sensitivity to it?

d) I'm missing something in my analysis of the meal (likely ... as restaurants are mostly black holes in terms of dietary information)


Thanks in advance for any insight ... 

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If there were seasonings on the meat or veggies, those are suspect for sugar, gluten, soy and/or MSG.


They could have cooked the meat or veggies in soybean oil.


Any of those, or a combination thereof, could have caused your symptoms.  Perhaps go back to Whole30 eating for a few days until you feel better, and then do a controlled reintroduction process (one food group at a time), using the sample reintro schedule as a guide.


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Thanks, Chris.


Yeah, we have plans to go out tonight with another friend (that we scheduled pre-whole30!), but I'm not sure if that's wise (we're going somewhere I've never been before, so I'm not sure how clean I will be able to eat).


I didn't even consider the spices aspect.  :/


Mostly I'm surprised that symptoms are showing up 3 days later.  Is that normal for digestive issues after a one-time indulgence? I would have thought the food and other gunk would have been out a while ago...

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While not common, it's possible to still be feeling the effects of the combination of what you had.


On the other hand, perhaps you're coming down with a stomach bug?  I would pay close attention to what you eat and how you feel in the coming days.

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