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Hello beautiful Whole30 people! 


Yes, I am starting on a Friday. No, it's not random, it just happens to fit with my work and life schedule to begin on March 14th. That said...


I am WILDLY excited to get started with my first Whole30. 


After an entire lifetime of severe body image issues, disordered eating, extreme weight fluctuations, and gut problems, it was the discovery of a GLUTEN  :angry: intolerance that led me to slowly adopt a semi-Paleo lifestyle. That was a year ago and so much has changed since then. Most of all, my body image issues have been drastically reduced. I've realized that it is nearly impossible to hate oneself when eating for health and healing, especially when eating whole, nourishing foods as nature intended. Doing so leads naturally to a place of self-love, acceptance, and freedom from the ugly binge-purge patterns that are a result of S.A.D. eating.


What a beautiful and unexpected surprise that began with my refusal to no longer eat wheat when I realized it was slowly destroying my insides. It was a problem I never thought I would escape.  


However, while my mental outlook has changed, physically I am much the same as I was a year ago. I've slowly lost about 10 pounds and generally "de-puffed", and my chronic heartburn is gone. But it turns out that 30 years of self-abuse through eating does more damage than can be undone overnight or without some drastic changes. 


Enter Whole30. 




My goals? Completely healed gut, lessened joint pain, more energy and mental clarity, and weight loss. 


Let's do this. 


I am excited to connect with some of you, particularly if you're in the Washington DC area. But if you're not, that's the beauty of this whole Internet thing. 


:) ,



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I'm starting my Whole30 on 3/14, too! This will be the second time for me and I'm doing it with my hubs. I've had a lot of food intolerance problems and have made great improvements in 2 years but still not where I'd like to be.

Best of luck to you on your experiment! I'm sure you will succeed and learn some valuable things about yourself in the process.

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