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Taking the Plunge = Starting today Mon Mar 10th


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Have been considering this for a couple of weeks...and visited the web site multiple times. Decided last night to Take the Plunge....and Jump in with both feet. It's spring. A time for renewal! I love the idea of a "body reset".  Started this morning 3/10.  Also signed up for the daily emails...and ordered the book.   It's official!  I'm in it...!!!   

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Good stuff!!

That's my start date too - though I'm in Oz so it's just before bed on day 3 for me.

How are you going?

I'm loving the nom nom paleo app - it's got some great recipes and ideas, and the templates in the book are brilliant.

I think understanding the reasons why things have been eliminated make it easier to stick with it - that was my take away from the book :)

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Hi Glory - Thanks for your note... I was in OZ and NZ last yr for the month of Feb.  My first trip down under.  Loved it!  

Well so far I've made it 2.5 days of my Whole30.  And am not hungry. And no food cravings yet.   I gave up cheese for lent (because I'm a cheeseaholic) so hopefully that craving passed before I started the Whole30.  Today I have a bit of a minor headache...probably sugar withdrawal. A piece of fruit might cure that.  I do have a sweet tooth.   Been getting all my Whole30 info off the website...and from the nom nom paleo site.  Oh...and I also ordered the Whole30 daily newsletter.  A lot of info to assimilate.  Ordered the book...but it won't arrive until the weekend.  Really looking forward to its arrival.  A friend here In MN did this...she just wrapped up her Whole30... feels great and lost weight too.   I'm hoping to lighten my load...and, more importantly,reset my metabolism.   So far things are going well...It's an adventure in good health and good eating!  


Since our Whole30 journeys are running parallel (albeit on opposite sides of the globe. I'm in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.) Let's stay in touch... and be Whole30 buddies.!?  Wishing you well on your journey!       

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Two of my best friends in Oz are from Minneapolis!!!


You guys are everywhere :)


Ive got a friend here who has done it before and she is a good source or support and advice but otherwise im doing the Whole30 solo so i'd love a buddy - and I already know you Minnesotans are a cool bunch! ;)


Day four is just starting for me and then Ive got my days off work - thats going to be interesting since I used to do a lot of boredom eating.


Let me know how your day goes - hope those headaches clear up soon.

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Hi Glory -  How is your whole30 going?  How did you do re boredom eating during your days off? The week flew by for me. I'm on Day 6.  Its the weekend and I'm meeting friends for a girls dinner out tonight.  I think this will be challenging.   I did assert myself and request we go to a restaurant where I can get a plain steak and salad.    :)   I've made it 5 days eating clean...  yahoo.  went thru a headache -tired phase.  but feel better today.  noticed that my complexion looks "brighter".  (Or is that all in my head?)   no pun intended.   I'm now in the "looking for recipes" stage.  And the whole30 newsletter has been helpful...might try making the morroccan meatballs.  They sound mmmmm good.   I did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Very proud that I walked right past all the cheese sampling stations at WF.   Read a lot of labels.... wow. surprised at how many items have soy and sugar in the ingredients list.  Bought an organic chicken....plan to roast it on Sunday...and then later make chicken broth.   I was surprised that the organic chicken broths on the shelf all had sugar as an ingredient.  Although I did find a TJ's organic hearty vegie broth that didn't have sugar in it.  What an education it is to read labels... 


Let me know how you're doing....


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Congratulations Marcia!!


How was your dinner out?


My weekend was pretty stress free really, which I was relieved about :)


I had a bit of a lay in on my first day off and then breakfast at home before heading out to so some errands. They took longer than expected so I wasnt able to get home to lunch til about 3 and I was okay.


Had a brunch out with friends on the second which was delicious - one of my friends is cutting back her gluten so we both ordered off the sides menu to have eggs, pulled ham hock, mushrooms and avocado. Sooooo good!! I also had my first filtered black coffee (was out with two Americans) which was pretty tasty.


Bought a new book and had to remind myself to stop for dinner so definitely not feeling hungry or those pesky cravings which is such a quick change.


It's crazy how much "stuff" is in the simplest packed foods isnt it?!

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Hi Glory - Glad to hear your W30 weekend went well and was fun to boot!   I love to read...

What book did you pick up?   I just finished a great book  "life after life" by Kate Atkinson.  I really enjoyed it.  


Yesterday I wrote you a long reply...and at the end accidentally hit a wrong key (delete/cancel?) and it vanished. ...at which point I said "the heck with it".   (It was probably too long anyway)  So I'm trying again today. :)


I had a pleasant low key weekend.  Had a great time Saturday night with friends for dinner. Went with steak, salad and club soda...  and only felt deprived for a moment when I spotted the creme brulee on the dessert tray.   The good news, I didn't order it.  


It's Monday here. Have now been eating W30 clean for 8 days... That low grade headache comes and goes...eating half a banana helps clear it up.  I've also discovered Almond Butter - It's a new Fav. For motivation, I keep patting myself on the back and reading the It Starts With Food book.   I've also been reading "The Calorie Myth" by Jonathon Bailor. His book focuses on the positive hormonal effects of eating high quality food, covers similar material, and dovetails nicely with the W30.    I've also been posting status updates...to use as a daily log...but they don't seem to appear on my profile, only the current one.  Oh well.  


Tonight I've got an organic Chicken roasting in the oven...and will bake some butternut squash.  My stomach is growling in anticipation.


It's summer in Oz.  How I envy you.... the temperature here dropped to low 20's Fahrenheit. BRrrrr. Spring here starts on March 20th...only two days away.  I long for warm temps and green grass. 


I'm not usually so chatty - must be all that W30 energy   :)


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Hey Marcia,


Wow - i just had a look at your novel on Goodreads, it sounds amazing!! Added to the reading list :)


I read Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, its a long awaited sequel to a new fantasy series and I had really enjoyed the first one.


I've always got at least one book on the go and love reading different stories regardless of the genre, i like them all!


It's actually been a bit blustery here the last few days though the afternoons have still had some nice sunshine and warmth to them, though I suppose I shouldn't complain when I look at your weather lately!! Soooo cold!


How did your roast chicken turn out? Ive just made a green curry with chicken and loads of veg and I must say it was pretty delicious - already looking forward to polishing off those leftovers.


Ive been making a couple of things in bulk (well 4 serves for 1 of me) so I've always got something to hand and then when I have the time just grilling some chicken or steak and cooking some vegies and so far so good.


I think that while Im still feeling tired at the end of the day my energy levels are much better through the day.


We had a ridiculous amount of stuff to do at work today and everything that could go wrong did - and yet I really felt like I kept my cool and wasn't overwhelmed or exhausted and I put in some epic hours with lots of physical work.


That's probably the area I see the biggest change so far, just that constant energy level and clear mindedness. I don't mind that I'm tired at the end of the day because I know I'm going to sleep well.


I bought a cashew butter the other day thinking to use it to make a satay, so far Ive just eaten a few spoons ;)


How are you finding your motivation is holding up?


I hope that warm weather rolls in for you soon - Spring is my favourite season.

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OK - I'm on Day 10.  Feels like a turning point. And a bit of a low point.  Not seeing dramatic results...looking for subtle cues of positive change. Psych cravings for carbs/sweets. Not hunger cravings. Feeling full...but still wanting "something". To use a platitude: I'm in it to win it!    one day at a time. 

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Hey Glory - How ya doing?   Great to hear your seeing increased energy. Sounds like you have a lot going on at work. and managing it all very well.  Way to go!   Craziness at work  can be  a nice distraction to help keep your mind off the No No's of the W30.   I find distraction to be very helpful for me.   


How's your motivation now?   I hit a low point on days 9-10. Not seeing any dramatic results. nagging doubts about the program.  Yadda, Yadda.  And still some nagging cravings of "wanting something".  But I stuck with it. Now day 12.  I'm feeling pumped that I've made this far. 


Guess What!?  We're almost halfway there.   WooHoo!!!   


Had a delightful  distraction yesterday...shopping with my sister and dinner celebrating her B-Day. (i passed on the homemade lemon cake)  Looked in the mirror this morning...and my complexion is positively glowing!   


My roasted chicken turned out yummy.  Very simple to cook.  After washing the bird, I rubbed the out side with coconut oil and spices, stuffed it with some celery stalks, then put it in a low oven 325F.  Baked/roasted in a shallow dish, basting occasionally, for a couple of hours.  It was delicious.  It's given several different meals.  One a curry...inspired by you.   In your note you mentioned a delicious curry that you made...so you inspired me to try making my very first curry dish.  I love Thai curries...but have never tried to make one before this.  I used the curry guidelines in the book...and my curry dish was excellent.  I've discovered the convenience of using frozen chopped onions, peppers, broccoli and cauliflower.  They work really great for quick egg omelettes for breakfast. Back to the chicken...after I used most of the white meat, I made chicken broth with the rest. Now i just add vegies to the broth for a nice hot and satisfying meal.   


Do you like the cashew butter?   Did you make satay?   You must be a very good cook!  Recipe pls!?


I've added Radiance to my good reads list.   Will try to get it thru the library.   I haven't read any fantasy....and It's about time I tried it. Like you...I typically have a couple of books going....and I'm in two book clubs...which keeps me reading things I wouldn't ordinarily select myself.    Re the Radiance series...I'll see if I can get the first book...so I can start at the beginning of the saga.


It's great having you as my W30 buddy!  I'm so glad we connected. 


Hope things are going great for you!.   Less craziness at work?   Fun outings?  Motivation holding strong?  Let me know how you're doing....


Have a Fabulous Friday!   (Or Saturday...you may be a day ahead of me)



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