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Hello everybody! I just finished my first Whole 30 with my dad and it was such a success! Just over a month ago I was trying to convince him to do this with me. Not only because I wanted to finally instill some really good eating habits, but I also wanted him to. His diet was mainly fast food, and it really concerned me, I knew it was time for a change. After lots of convincing, he was on board... 30 days later we are both very proud of ourselves! Our last day was Friday the 7th. It went very smoothly for both of us. Of course we had the occasional temptation, but we stuck it out. I found that most of my cravings came during the last 5 days of the program... my sugar dragon was raging. I think it was because I knew how close I was to the end... all I wanted was brownies and pizza. We were both getting very sick of the same foods, but we definitely could've put a little more effort into trying some new recipes.


Our first day off wasn't as big of a success... neither of us chose to reintroduce the foods we had cut out, instead we both opted for pizza and wings. They were DELICIOUS. We have both been eating junk ever since it ended. No huge consequences, but we are both feeling a little sluggish. Now that 3 days have passed, both of us are over the excitement of all our old comfort foods, and we're feeling like we're getting back to our old lazy habits. Luckily, I've convinced him to start another one on Thursday... yes!!


During our whole 30, neither of us experienced life changing effects. We both slept better, felt better, and lost weight (I lost 5, he lost 22...wow!), I think the biggest positive for me was waking up every morning ready to conquer the day, knowing I was doing something great for myself. I already miss that feeling. Now that it's over, I noticed something big today, my dads cough. Let me tell you.... his cough drives me INSANE. Not once can I recall getting annoyed by his cough during our Whole 30, until yesterday, only one day after we started eating crappy again. I pointed it out to him, and he realized that he hadn't been coughing at all for the past month.... amazing! 


Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that the experience was great! We're both looking forward to another 30 days, and this time we're both going to incorporate exercise. I'm going to be moving out of the house within the next few months, and I'm hoping both of us can acquire good eating habits for the long run without each others support. 

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