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Started first Whole30 3/2/14... hello Day 10!


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Hi everyone!  I jumped into a whole 30 to get myself back on track (have been back and forth with paleo/clean eating in the last few years) and to see if this will help me figure out and/or better navigate my crazy allergies.


Currently my seasonal allergy/ragweed & birch pollen sensitivity is super high and has bled over into Oral Pollen Allergy: meaning I have allergic reactions when I eat foods high in pollen.  Sometimes cooking the foods helps, but some of these foods get me no matter what.  On my no list: almonds, sesame seed, sunflower seeds, mustard seed, avocado, banana, plantain, mango, peach, nectarine, zucchini, summer squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, sugar snap peas (and I am likely forgetting some)


Thankfully I can eat cruciferous veggies (my fave) and blueberries.


I am doing this Whole30 on my own in a job that has me constantly traveling, so I'd love any support or guidance on that as I go.  


Meal planning is going well thanks to amazing Paleo bloggers, but I am struggling to find the right balance for myself as far as when and how much to eat.  It is a fight to eat anything when I first wake up; I don't feel hungry for a few hours usually and sometimes I feel nausea. But then between the hours of 12-6 I literally want to eat NONSTOP.  I'm reading up on that now.


Anyway, thanks for reading such a long introductory ramble!  ;)

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Hi, and welcome aboard! There was quite a little team of us there with a March 2 start date, but we've mostly stopped posting. Not sure why. I'm looking for some of the others with this start date now in the Whole 30 Logs area.





I don't really have any helpful advice about the morning nausea - my hubby experiences it too, about one day out of three. He has always been resistant to the idea of eating as soon as he wakes up. He has found that not drinking coffee before his first meal helps a little, but that hasn't completely resolved the problem. Not sure what else is going on there. The next time it happens to him (if it does, hopefully it won't as his metabolism starts to adjust to three meals a day) I am going to suggest that he pack his "breakfast" as an "extra lunch" and eat it at his desk when he arrives at work. Don't know if that is an option for you or not.


I have had a few of the "hungry hungry hippo" afternoons, too, where I felt like I could eat Cleveland if it would hold still long enough. I wound up having to eat almost twice as much at lunch as I thought I needed (seriously - that is a lot of food). It's freaking me out a little, I have never consumed that much food at one sitting without it qualifying as a binge. But I guess if I was to go back and do the math on how much I was eating when I was grazing and snacking all day long, it is probably close to the same quantity. Hopefully someone here with a little more experience than me can give you better answers.


Good luck, and nice to "meet" you!!

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Hi Gemma!  I missed that thread, so thanks for pointing it out.  


I am able to make time for a later breakfast when I need to, but I wasn't sure if it's "bad" - while I can't imagine forcing myself to eat is good, I also know that on things like a leptin reset you need to eat really soon after waking!


Looking back at the meal planning template, I probably need to eat more fat at every meal.  I can sneak more fat into my coffee (Wellness Mama has already inspired me to do so), and like you, I think I just need to eat MORE and be OK with it.  I'm well hydrated so I know it's not that.


Weirdly, though, once the afternoon "HANGRY ZONE" is over, I sometimes struggle to finish a complete balanced dinner.  I just get full quickly.


I just read a post somewhere about Day 10 being the toughest point- but despite the ongoing hunger, I feel really good!  Hope you are as well :)



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