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Changing more than how we eat


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I did not know where else to post this, as it doesn't fit any of the categories, but here goes:


My wife and I are doing this together, and are on Day 17.  It's funny how one thing that we do can change how we view the world.  Just from reading the PDF with the shopping checklist, we started looking into grass-fed, grass-finished, free-range, organic, etc meat and vegetables.  From that point two weeks ago, we have tried to buy the best we could afford, but conventional if we had to.


That all has changed.  We watched a documentary called Fresh, which is free on Amazon Prime.  It was an eye opener.  Once we were done watching it, we both said, no matter if it costs more, we are buying organic fruits and vegetables, and especially local meats and poultry, or at least organic and humanely treated animal products.   A month ago, I thought nothing of how my food was produced, and now I am very concerned.  I highly recommend you watch this documentary!


I count this as one preliminary success of the Whole30 program, and will have many others to report in a couple of weeks when we finish!

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