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Hello =)


I am attempting to keep my composure. I have had so many change occur this new year. Naming a few that have had and continue to have there impacts on me. One would be ending a 3 year relationship and still attempted friendship with an ex. My job took me off to training so I missed my first week of school and have struggled since to get where I should be. Started the Whole30 March 1st!!! Met someone new. 


All of these things are giving me so many mixed emotions. I am trying to be dedicated to every aspect of my life and finding that balance is hard. Trying to find myself and focusing life on finding my happiness my role and my path. Ive been able to meal prep since day 1 and am doing great for the most part on diet. Im just having a hard time not being so hard on myself for putting so much dedication into this life change of eating right but slacking on other areas in my life. With only 2 and a half weeks left of school this all is building stress and im worried about its effects on me during this first time whole30. 


Any advice is appreciated. 

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I am not going to pretend to understand all that you feeling.  Those are a lot of changes and I am sure you feel boxed in and overwhelmed at points.  I too am at a point in my life where things are hectic I am getting married in June, going through couples counseling for that which has proved helpful but also emotionally draining, we moved are incurring more expenses than planned, and so on.  I started on March 3 and too have yet to meal prep but I have created a facbook group with growing numbers of people who support and check in maybe this would help you if you interested its:



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Like Danielle said, I cannot fully understand what/how you're feeling and your amount of stress you're facing. I do have a lot of things going on as well that were life changing and impact my health. I'm a single mother, working from home, trying to get through school and juggling life. Trying to be friends with an ex is emotionally taxing and hard, so I understand that one. My ex husband and I try to remain friends because of the kids, and I will tell you that after 3 years we get along very well, but it took some time to get there. 


One thing that I felt like I had control over though was my health and eating habits. I made it a point to put those on the top of my priority list (of course not before my children and job) and it made a huge difference. It really helped to know that at least I was control over ONE thing in my life and no one but myself could mess that up (a lot of pressure or what?!). Focusing on keeping control of that will really help in keeping things under control in other areas of your life. 


Also, the FB group is a great idea and you should definitely join to find others in similar situations to find a shoulder to "cry" on. 


Best of luck!

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