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Whole 31 ...and beyond?


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I just finished my first Whole30. It was a journey to get here that started last year when I began to look carefully at what I ate.

In February 2012, I went gluten free for Lent and have largely remained so since then. It was an experiment to see if I could tame my seasonal allergies. First thing I noticed was that I was more focused and mellow.

April 2012, I ordered the W30 Success Guide and a week later broke up with my boyfriend which took three months to do properly. April - June were full of excess - travelling, spending money and drinking. Food was mostly under control, but the other three left me a bit empty. Up until a week before I started W30, I was binging on caramel millionaire's shortbread. There were 5 squares to a pack and I ate them all in 2 days.

Then I decided to take control. I had a birthday coming up at the end of July and wanted to be content with where I was in life. Ending the relationship was the most difficult part. Food choices don't rival the heartache endured to make and stick to that decision.

July 1st - all was well. I had detox tongue a day or two in but no sugar demons to tame. Sleep was good as usual, no significant change in energy, but the bloat came off and I mellowed out a lot.

I lost about 8lbs for a total of about 25lbs since Christmas. I didn't do well with the scale and know I only cheated my experience. I think now that I am satisfied with the results I can try it again without a number. I know full well numbers don't mean anything. I haven't shared my numbers with anyone or really spoken about what I have been doing. My body shape is the same. I lost the bloat and not necessarily flabby bits. I love that my clothes fit nicely and I am down a size.

I was pretty good with not going too crazy with the summer fruit, but in future W30s I would reduce that... winter would be great for that in the UK! I've tried to keep food local and maintained a good balance of leafy greens and other veg plus meat and fats. I didn't go crazy with dried fruit and nuts and thankfully I don't know the joys of a can of coconut milk. In fact, I haven't used a can opener in years!

I have some gluten free grains in my cupboard I'd like to use up eventually. One day I will go off the strict W30, but until then it fits in my lifestyle.

It has been a good experience.

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Thank you for your support.

I stuck through it despite ladies' nights, summer potlucks, birthday dinners, leaving dos, tempting office treats and lots of alcohol. The best part was how I could look at something and know exactly what it would taste like and how that was good enough for me. Sometimes the taste isn't as enjoyable as the smell or aesthetics.

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I stuck through it despite ladies' nights, summer potlucks, birthday dinners, leaving dos, tempting office treats and lots of alcohol.

Congratulations on making it, despite the multiple social functions that can be such a temptation! Were your friends supportive? I think parties/weekends are the things I'm most worried about (and I'm only on day 2) but know that not only if I drink I'm going to have to restart the whole30 - but also that it leads to pretty poor food choices! Hope it's still working out well for you.

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