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Can We Discuss #1??


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Hello Ladies!


I have to do a lot of intentional work to drink during the day, which inevitably leads to more liquid consumption in the later afternoon and evening (last night it was 3 cups of tea... that's it from 5-10pm).  Ever since Day 1, I have been up to visit the washroom at least two (and up to 4 last night!) times during the night.  Is this just my body getting a good 'ol cleaning out?  Is this weight loss?  Does everyone do this?  Will my body adjust?  I'm sitting here writing and I really should be in bed.. and I'm thirsty but really don't want to drink in the event that it leads to getting up again so many times! 


I'm 51- gone are the days of getting up to nurse babies!  I need my beauty sleep! 




.... and I just went to get a drink before sending it!

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I've experienced the same thing!

I work in specialty retail so I talk a lot and drink a lot of water during the day, but the last two nights (I'm on day 3) I've had to get up through the night to pee.

Not the normal situation and I don't feel I'm drinking more fluids, just better ones!!

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When you eat something your body views as harmful, your body will hold onto excess water weight in an attempt to dilute it to minimize the damage. When you stop ingesting those things, your body can let go of that excess water and... well... it has to go somewhere. Give it 1-2 weeks.

To give you an idea, I can gain up to 5 pounds of water weight in one day if I accidentally ingest the slightest bit of dairy. Within 2 days, I can tell when it comes off as I'll be in the bathroom constantly.

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tea is a diuretic, so while you are drinking water, it will also make more water drain out of your cells. I only drink seltzer water after a certain point in the evening. Maybe one cup of tea. I would find out why you are so thirsty. Are you eating a lot of fresh veggies and some fruit? I have found that since I am eating so many veggies (that are full of water, btw) that I don't need to drink as much and I'm not thirsty. And I rarely get up at night to pee.

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Even herbal tea?  I'm on day *19* and it's been consistent since beginning the W30.  The whole "holding on to water" makes some sense.  As I ponder my water intake (and voiding patterns!), it seems that I'm going more during the day as well.. only that doesn't bother me much.  I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in this.  Thanks

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Thanks for the advice ladies!!


I didnt think about the excess I would have already been holding in my system.....i dont mind the midnight bathroom call really, not when compared to how well I am sleeping (9 hours last night!!).

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