Day 11 is almost complete!


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Hi Everyone!

My name is TiJa. I am a 34 y.o. military wife and mom of 2 boys. DH and I have been doing the very low carb to zero carb thing for the last couple of years. Well, last holiday season we totally fell off of the wagon. It was partially my fault :rolleyes: . I love to bake and I am quite good at it too. The problem is even though I'm baking gluten free treats (using stevia, splenda, or xylitol) we just can't get enough! Seriously, I think DH and I would prefer a big bowl of my homemade ice cream and gluten free brownies over a steak any day of the week. As a result, DH and I gained a lot of weight during the holiday season and even though we went back to eating vlc-zc, it just wasn't going anywhere. We both enjoy working out a lot and I think the absence of fruits and veggies caused us to dive into the wrong carbs. Having figured this out, one day I googled recipes for fruit, veggie, and meat only diets and I happened across this site! I had never heard of the Whole30 or Paleo before, but I was sold. Eleven days later we are trucking along, but most of all we both feel great! We haven't even been drinking coffee...we figured coffee without sugar and cream just isn't worth drinking. I can't lie, I almost had a conniption fit when I saw our first grocery bill (we weren't eating grass fed and organic before this). However, with all the money we're saving by not eating out we shouldn't be facing financial ruin any time soon.

I just want to thank the founders of this wonderful site for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us and giving us a place to share our struggles.


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Thanks ladies!

Right now, I feel great without the coffee, so I'm going to ride this out as long as possible. I was drinking a pot a day and I felt I needed it to get through the day. It's so weird how a simple beverage can make you feel like that.

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