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[i'll update this later with a proper intro]


This log will be to track various experiments in improving my health and achieving sustainable weight loss (I have a lot to lose). Whole30 has given me back more than my basic health, but now I want more :)


I have started seeing a naturopath who is putting me through various tests to measure what's going on. Something is wrong and Keto (like many things) gave me weight loss for awhile, but then I got sick and all my lost weight came back on in a few days (no bad eating, there is something going wrong in my body - possibly an undiagnosed deficiency or malfunction, we don't know yet).


There's no point in doing the same things over and over again without positive results, so I'll be doing a few experiments, some (or all) of which may not show improvements. 

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Note: juices are not Whole30 compliant!


Day 1 of juice experiment:


Organic fruit:

2 x green pears

2 x tiny juicing apples (gala?)

1 big granny smith apple

1 large lebanese cucumber

A handful of small, very crunchy unpeeled carrots (approx 1 large carrot?)


Made about 750ml of juice, including froth, which fit into my KOR water bottle.

Juice for breakfast, but drank at work.


Made without a recipe as I misread the one I had and didn't have most of the ingredients.

Taste: okay, cucumber not yukky (not a fan of it)


Breakfast: Juice

Lunch: Ginger Nut Paleo Bar

Dinner: Indian Curry

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I have been totally crap at updating this log, but experiments are progressing well.


Not a comprehensive list, but the supplements which seem to have kicked me into a health high gear include:


Repairase (Orthoplex)

Sinupret Forte (Flordis)

Insulex (Metagenics)

Inflavonoid Intensive Care

Vitamin A

Meta Zinc with Vitamin C (Metagenics)

Metagen B12 Folate (Metagenics)

Vitamin K2 (Metagenics)


I've also had excellent paleo meals delivered from local Melbourne supplier: Natural Wholefoods (most of their meals are Whole30 compliant, they list all ingredients, so it's easy to check - to start, all have no grains and no dairy! Forage would not meet the template)

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Cookup today:


New roast chicken, based on this recipe: http://www.cookincanuck.com/2013/01/southwestern-roast-chicken-cumin-chili-powder-cilantro/


Used one bunch of coriander (cilantro) - half minced, half stuffed inside, chile powder (USA style - NOT Aussie chilli powder), cumin, red onion, olive oil. Baked in pan with a few organic white potatoes.

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New recipes!


Cooked up The Spice Taylor's Southern Pepper Curry, with lamb mince. It's all spices except for some sunflower oil. Smells amazing.


Tried the Silky Zucchini Ginger Soup from Well Fed, love it! I just did it with a stick blender so it wasn't very silky but it tasted amazing (I think it was the best chicken stock I ever made as well).


Have lamb and pork prepped in the fridge for making meatballs (just need to roll em and bake em).

Partially cooked the Chocolate Chilli as well, but crisis, have no cumin! So put that in the fridge to finish later.

Have chicken wings coated in baking soda naked in the fridge, for baking later. This is supposed to make them super crispy, we'll see.

Have a whole chicken dried and salted in the fridge, as well as some beef strips for a red curry.


Busy prepping day! :D

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Wow, I am a total slacker at posting updates.


Here's a quick one.


The Chocolate Chilli was nice, but for the amount of work, probably not a regular one for me, not spicy enough, but quite tasty.

The chicken wings were super crispy, if you are missing crispy, that is the way to do it!


Made a salmon dish I haven't made since I first went Whole30, as it's normally made with soy (asian style). Made it with coconut aminos and it was delicious! Should not have waited so long, but I think I was worried it was going to be horrible as the soy was a big part of the dish.


Seeing some big improvements in skin healing at the moment, with some scarred skin that hasn't healed for a few years now making radical progress in turning into new skin. I think the zinc, vitamin a and vitamin c are now playing a bigger part now my vitamin b is stablising.

Vitamins failing to convert has clearly been a bigger health issue for me than I had anticipated, the changes are so dramatic.

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Oh, I completely forgot, the reason for all the supplements was my test results (still some more to come, but measuring progress at the moment).


I was clearly not metabolising B12 and Folate, so I had an additional test done and I have a gene issue, with a crazy-long name, usually referred to as MTHFR (aka The Fat Gene). I honestly can't pronounce the full name past the Methyl, but it's full name is Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase and it's a key enzyme required to metabolise homocysteine (my homocysteine results were odd but "within range" occording to the original test - so many doctors will dismiss it and not test for MTHFR)



I have two mutations, haven't learned the details of what this means yet, but some people only have one, so I need to keep that in mind.

Some links I have found interesting. There's a lot of latin words in some articles that are hard to follow when you don't know the meaning, my naturopath is very good at explaining it simply.


http://www.mthfrsupport.com.au - actually an Australian site!

This is my favourite summary - it's so simple! http://www.mthfrsupport.com.au/what-is-mthfr/


There is also this beautiful but scary map of MTHFR health problems


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Breakfast: Sleep in



Two pieces of bacon

3 scrambled eggs

Baby kale cooked in bacon fat

Bulletproof coffee (coconut oil)

Dinner (yum!):

Grassfed porterhouse steak

Huge leafy salad

Green & Red Capsicum

Purple Onion

Tessemae Red label mild hot sauce

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lol I thought exactly the same thing, it's good, it helps me to remember how to spell it ;) I hear Samuel L Jackson saying it when I read it


Skin is making radical progress, this was some very deep sun damage which would not heal for several years, it's now more like a surface-smoothing activitity. It's mostly like normal skin now, smooth, very few "lumps" left, although the colour is still a bit pink. This is how it should have healed a few weeks after it happened.


Breakfast: Sleep in (again! yay!) could have had food when I got up, but really wasn't hungry.
Chicken drumettes
Medium leafy salad
Tessemae Red label mild hot sauce
Pork belly is just out of the oven!
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Haha, I imported it via myus.com - they are awesome for USA-only available stuff. Anything which might irk customs, send via FedEx (you can choose your shipping), they have their own customs (still need to obey the rules). 


Don't think we can get the new mayo though, sounds perishable.

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Made some really awesome "chopped liver" yesterday, I winged the recipe, as I didn't have all of the ingredients in the recipes I found.


1 kilo of organic chicken livers

3 yellow onions

1 purple onion

goose fat

duck fat



Need to freeze it in portions.

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