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My Whole 30 experience! (fertility/hormonal issues)


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Today is day 31 and I cannot believe how Whole 30 has changed my life.  I had a huge sugar dragon to slay, and I have.   


I started at 150 lbs and ended at 141.  I lost 2" around my waist, 1.5" in my hips, an inch from each thigh, and a half inch from each arm. 


I am a nursing mama to a 15 month old.  I'm only nursing at bed time and once during the night, however, so I didn't really notice a change in my milk production since I'm not nursing all that much anymore. 


I have PCOS and have struggled with fertility issues to get pregnant with both my kiddos.  I have loooong, anovulatory cycles.  Crazy thing is that I started my whole 30 somewhere in the depths of a long anovulatory cycle and I actually ovulated on day 15 of whole 30.  It only took 15 days of changing my eating habits to kick my body into gear!  My main motivation for doing this program is to get my hormonal issues under control.  We want to try for baby #3 in the next couple months and I'd love to get pregnant without fertility drugs this time!   


I was shocked at how extreme my withdrawal symptoms were from sugar and how much better I feel off of it.  It has been a huge wake up call for me.  I never knew sugar could be that addicting!


I definitely had a hard time the first 10 days but then it was like I came out of a fog I didn't know I was in.  I'm definitely not going back. 


The strangest "side effect" to me was some changes in my vision.  I had a few days where my contact Rx just seemed so off.  But it did regulate.  My eye doctor (also a relative) explained that sugar and your hormones can seriously affect your vision, so that explained it.  Crazy!


Now that I'm officially done, I am not even desperate for a dessert fix.  I really just want some good Mexican food!  I plan to continue eating this way.  It has not been a diet for me, it has truly been a lifestyle change.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering this.  I didn't think I could do it either.  But I can, and I'm so thankful I did. 

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