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Change in smell


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Should I be concerned that my urine smell has changed noticeably in the last couple weeks? It smells like ammonia I think. I have not been eating any asparagus. I eat sweet potatoes at 1-2 meals/day and also a serving of fruit/day so I am getting carbs.

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Is this ammonia smell after workouts - or just all the time.


I've read somewhere on the forums that the ammonia smell is a sign that your body has gone ketogenic (sp?).  It's not necessarilly a bad thing.


I notice the smell the day after a strenous workout.  But it's usually only for a day.

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everssm, it might be ketosis, but it might not. Keep in mind that if you are in fact in ketosis, the body disposes of ketones it doesn't need (ie: extra) through the urine. So, you could very well be in ketosis, but totally not have any ammonia-smelling breath, or ammonia-smelling urine, because your body is using all the ketones it's producing. Urine pH is also unreliable for determining if you are in ketosis.


I'm with GFChris: better to see your doctor and have it be "nothing" than assume it's ketosis (or assume it's something else you don't need to worry about) and actually be something you do need to worry about and have it go unchecked. Better safe than sorry!

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