Didn't cave to "easy" tonight....

Colleen Roy

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Worked at school all day today-creating common assessments-fun, fun, fun. (Actually, it is because I work with some really fun teachers! :) ) Hit Nubanusit Lake afterwards for a lovely three hour kayak paddle-it was simply gorgeous out there today!

Got home at 6:30pm and lit the grill...took the chicken thighs out of the fridge only to discover that they were BAD. Ugh. They smelled really bad despite a "sell by" date of August 2nd. There was NOTHING else to cook protein wise, besides two eggs-tomorrow is grocery day. I just couldn't do eggs tonight. So, I put the bad chicken in a grocery bag and headed down there to get a refund. Which they gladly did. Got some fresh chicken and some broccoli as I was craving something green that wasn't salad tonight.

Came home, restarted the grill, cooked up some tasty grilled chicken thighs, confetti cauliflower rice and steamed broccoli with chili oil. YUM. Yes, I ate about 30 minutes later than I would have liked, but I did not give in to easy, non-compliant or any other such nonsense. I fed myself right. Yeah me! :D

This is especially good for me because in the past, I would probably have skipped dinner or eaten something not so good because it's just me tonight-DH is at aikido class. I'm learning to enjoy cooking for just me.

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that's awesome Colleen, and inspirational! I'm going to try to remember this when I end up in a similar situation (we all do eventually) and instead of trying to go for the easier softer way I'm gonna suck it up and take care of myself! thanks for sharing this experience!


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