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Gluten Free Intro- Feel Flu Symptoms and Bad DReams

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Hi everyone, 


My first reintro after 35 days off of everything and completely on plan I decided this morning would be gluten free grains. I started with gluten free oatmeal this morning. I ate my standard types of foods including a banana, chicken breast, lettuce greens with olive oil, 1/2 avocodo and added in 1/2 cup of gluten free bob's red mill steel cut oats that I got ready and cooked last night. I put 1/2 tbsp of ghee on there too.  That was at 5:30 CST this morning. I'd only gotten 7 hours of sleep last night but was tired so decided to go back to sleep at 7 am after eating. One noteworthy thing: I used to be the most vivid dreamer known to man and wake up every night. I'd dream the most creep dreams and unique/exiting dreams prior to whole 30. My grandparents would even visit me in them. But since starting whole 30, no dreams and no waking up in the middle of the night, hence my blood sugar likely being stable before sleep. But when I went to bed this morning I had the most vivid dreams. They seemed so real but I was dreaming. In my dreams I dreamed about myself passing out because my head was spinning from low blood sugar and I felt like I was passing out. I also dreamed I was crying because I had to give up grains now. Then I woke up!  My headache was terrible and still is at 9:04 am, my stomach has a dull ache in it, that isn't comfortable.  It's Saturday and I went from feeling stellar/amazing to know bodily fog since day 4 of whole 30 to feeling like major shit and my old self. I think i'll eat brown rice with my chocolate chili for lunch and some veggies and see what happens. If I get another reaction, that's it, I'm done with gluten free grains. 


One thought, I don't tend to take naps after eating breakfast, could that have the effect. I have taken a couple naps during whole 30 though after lunch and never had vivid dreams or strange sleeping after eating reactions. 


Does that mean I'd have the same reaction with wheat breads, etc. as those are gluten free grains? Or could I possibly eat those o.k. I know those are worse for you overall anyways as they are super refined. 


Well anyhow, is all this real or my imagination. It seems a bit dramatic that all this is happening over 1/2 cup of steel cut oats.  I feel like I just pumped toxins into my body. Bizarre! I hope all the reintroduction don't go like this. I fear dairy will because i"ve had asthma all these year, and isn't that a common one for asthma. I guess we wait a couple days and find out. 


Thanks for any insight or similiar experiences! 


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