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Joining again for August!


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I am in for another month!!! This time around I am going to go an autoimmune route and eliminate nightshades, eggs, and nuts along with grains, legumes, and dairy. My hope is that it will help with arthritis and maybe even tailbone pain from spondylolisthesis as well as maybe work toward better gut motility. I have struggled with chronic constipation and will be getting my hormones tested as well as put into practice some advice from my chiropractor of adding in cherries and apples and canned pumpkin each day and not drinking water with my meals and maybe this month I will get things moving!

Also important for getting things moving is calming down I have been dealing with some stress in my life and I need to spend time journaling and meditating. I am also going to increase my positive self talk because I beat myself up a lot without even realizing it so I will try to catch it and turn it around and challenge my inner critic.

For exercise what I started last month was walking for 10 minutes 2 times a day during my breaks at work and that is helping my mental health and my back so that will continue. I will add to that every day the exercises my chiropractor gave me to work on my core and that will take 5-10 minutes more so very doable for this Whole30. I have gotten a little lax on that so I am committing every day.

I will also strive to not do things to make my back pain worse. I will get up and walk around and not sit for hours on end. This will be a bit difficult as I work a desk job and my workstation isn't very flexible but I will do my best.

I also will look into trying some amino acid therapy to help with peristalsis like GABA, 5-HTP and maybe melatonin. This is something I recently heard about on Chris Kresser's podcast and from Julia Ross so will do some more research on this.

Depending on my thyroid/hormone tests I may need to adjust this month and will do so accordingly.

I also need to find a more fulfulling job and this month I will work toward that. I have been in the same position for 10 years and there is nowhere else to go in this company and i need more of a challenge and to do something that I am passionate about. It is a cause of stress in my life and I need to clear that up.

So glad to be doing good things for myself and my wellbeing and happy to be joining you all! If anyone wants a buddy message me!


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