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I GAINED on Whole30...

Emiley Carey

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Gotcha…hook, line, and sinker.  ;)

But really, I do want to focus on what I gained during the Whole30, and it wasn't body weight! In no particular order:


- mad cooking skills! I was forced to shop and cook so much, and I did enjoy it a lot. As a young person and newlywed, I really value this.

- greatly increased knowledge of nutrition and the science of wellness. I am compelled to study nutrition and learn more and more about why our bodies do things.

- a more positive outlook and general disposition. I have been a sunnier and more cheerful person.

- a supportive community of people who care about wellness over weight loss, and really lift each other up.  

- a far more positive body image and appreciation for what my body can do when I am nice to it.

- willpower!

- overall higher productivity levels. I used to feel the need to "decompress" for so long after work or at the end of the day…this past month I have been way more inclined to DO things. Tackle projects, write, read, walk, play…etc.

- consistently better length and quality of sleep

- a really cool connection with my  mom, who did this with me. It was great having her there to support and relate (and occasionally lament the girl scout cookies at the office or the donuts at church). We cooked together and shopped together a few times and I really enjoyed that. There is no way I would have stuck it out without her support and accountability. Thanks, ma  :wub:


What I lost: 

- fat-phobia

- nutritional ignorance

- dependence on the scale for validation

- reliance on unhealthy foods for emotional comfort

- reliance on unhealthy foods for convenience (SO easy to pre cook chicken and throw it in a baggie)

- giant restaurant bills

- mood swings/emotional instability

- dry patches on my skin

- 6.5 inches

- 8 pounds


I am really proud of myself, and please with all I learned and gained from this program!


My favorite resources during this journey and beyond: this forum, obviously, and ISWF. Read it, and read it again. Facebook and Instagram hashtags #whole30, #jerf (Just Eat Real Food), #eatclean, etc.

- The Freckled Foodie blog, where I first learned about whole30

- StupidEasyPaleo blog, where I got lots of recipes

- Everyday Paleo, specifically this really moving post and the podcasts (awesome listening in the gym)

- NerdFitness



I am drinking an Americano blended with coconut oil, butter, and cinnamon right this moment and I am feeling bulletproof.


So, what does the future hold? I will continue the Whole9 life and throw in Whole30's when necessary or whenever I can convince someone to do it with me. Here's to butter.



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What great results! I like your "gain/ lost" considerations.



Fantastic results. This is truly phenomenal! :)



Fabulous! Congrats :) This list was a great inspiration. I'm on Day 2 of my first Whole30 and I definitely look forward to results like that :P Especially the "doing more, decompressing less."


Thank you, All! It's been a great  journey. Diving into W30 #2, being done just in time for my 25th Bday!

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