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Instead of full blown, craving filled PMS, I've had migraines this week. I usually get one really nasty migraine before I start my period or when I start. This week, I've had 3 really nasty migraines. I manage my migraines with food, so I was surprised that they were so bad this month. I mean, I've literally cut out all triggers with W30. Any suggestions?

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I am finding my migraines are acting up too.  I don't know your age, but i will say it appears that the diet change is impacting my hormones and that is why the migraines are acting up.  I also found my sugar levels dipped a bit too far, and that was an impact, so I had to add a little bit of fruit juice when they got to their worst.


I am still coping with mine, since starting I have had 5 in the 15 days.  Usually I get one first day of period and mid month.  But I will say immediately after each migraine it appears I am "starting" again.. Hence the comment about the hormones.


I empathize... Thats the best I can do for now...



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I too suffer from migraines, I am on day 7 and I did start my period a few days ago but my headaches and migraines have not been to bad--actually much better than usual so far.  I am taking topamax and magnesium though.  I stopped the fish oil for this.  The topomax doesn't fully control my migraines just stops my auras, many of my daily headaches and brings my pain level down to about 3-4 but I can say it has been about a 1-3 mainly recently.  I have been doing the AIP and in the morning I have been having a bone broth soup with my protein, added fat and veggies (lately broccoli slaw and kale or spinach), lunch lately has been chicken livers or fish, veggies--more raw  and some fruit, then at dinner I will have my protien, usually 1/2 sweet potato, some cooked veggies or kraut, and or salad.  I think the starch in the evening has helped me sleep and not wake up with a headache which is my norm.  

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