Discouraged and question re: maltodextrin (do I have to restart?)

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I'm on day 19 of 34 (I screwed up on day 4 by missing that sulfites were in my sauerkraut, and so had to add 4 days to my Whole30). Every single day has been a struggle, not so much because of food cravings, but because of food aversions (mostly eggs and veggies) caused by nausea from daily migraines. I've been trying to power through, telling myself that I can do this for another 15 days, etc. Then as I was eating a pork chop at lunch today, I realized it was seasoned with Season All....which has maltodextrin as the last ingredient. My husband does the cooking due to my migraines. He is also doing the Whole30, and so is aware of all the rules, but just didn't think to check the Season All. He says he has used it several times the past few weeks. Please, please tell me I don't have to restart again because of this!! I'm not having issues with sugar cravings, so I should be ok, right? I am just so discouraged right now. I'm definitely NOT feeling the tiger blood or any of the other benefits (most likely because of the constant migraine pain and nausea), so I'm having a really hard time staying motivated.



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no need to restart, just put the season all away for the rest of your whole30.


Hang in there! Some people find starchy veggies help a bit with nausea, so if you can stomach it, try a little extra sweet potato.

Thanks MissMary, that's great news about not having to restart! Unfortunately, sweet potatoes are one of the worst things for me right now...and I normally love sweet potatoes and eat them frequently, so I'm very bummed about that.

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