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How long is tallow good at room temp?


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In attempting AIP, I have to give up ghee, which has been my primary high-temp cooking fat. So I finally pulled the pound or two block of suet out of my freezer from the grass fed cow I got last fall and grated it up and put it in the oven in a pot to render. 


Last time I rendered suet, I did a "wet" render, which means I put it in water and boiled it until the fat rendered out, then let it cool and the fat hardens on top and I pulled the fat out. Well, it stunk really bad, and it got moldy in the fridge within a few weeks.


This time I'm doing a dry render, which is just putting it in a pan in a 250 degree oven and letting it render over several hours without any water - it smells SO DELICIOUS, so much better than last time. But I'm wondering how long I can store it. I like to keep a small amount at room temp because it gets very hard in the fridge. The room temp fat is easy to scoop into a skillet for sauteing and such. I was going to portion the fat into 8oz. mason jars and keep one on the counter and the rest in the fridge, but how long should it last on the counter and in the fridge?

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